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Oh, Baby! Anna’s Collection

Oh, Baby! Anna’s Collection

Welcoming a baby into your home is one of life’s biggest milestones.  There is so much excitement, anticipation and preparation; from choosing a name, getting the nursery ready, picking just the right gadgets and gear, to dreaming about what they may look like.

Getting gifts off of a baby registry is usually how we go about buying shower gifts, this ensures that you are purchasing something that the momma-to-be will love, but we think adding something special that you personally picked out is such a beautiful touch. We had so much fun putting together some girl, and boy gift baskets with some of our favourite baby items found right here at Anna’s.  Each basket contains items that are not only practical, but they’re beautifully crafted and unique.  They also show that you’ve put a little extra care and thought into selecting something you think mom and baby will love.

Baby Girl Basket:

Items we have included in this basket:

Drool Buster Bib – Bibs are always handy, whether your child wears one all the time, at mealtime or you just have it handy to wipe hands and faces, you can never have too many.  Especially these adorable bandana style ones with the cutest prints!  The one we selected says “Baby Love” and has hearts all over it.

Wonder Plate – This silicone plate has sections and a suction cup base so your little angel can’t pick it up and hurl it across the room, two features we love!

Canvas Growth Chart – Growing up we used to mark our height into the wooden door frame, which is still such a cute idea, but what if you move?  These canvas growth charts are adorable, easy to hang and give you the option of taking them with you if you happen to relocate.

Picture Me (photo swaddle) – Taking milestone photos each month is a great way to capture how your little blessing changes and grows each month.  Having a consistent theme always looks cute, that’s why we love these swaddles. The one we included in our basket matches the drool bib and also has hearts and says “Baby Love”.

Pacifier clip & teether – In our opinion, these are a must-have product.  It’s inevitable that they will drop their soother on the ground (especially when they’re itty bitty and still figuring out how to use one). Simply attach the pacifier to one end and clip the other end to your babe’s shirt or bib.  It’s also great because they can chomp on the silicone beads, we all know that babies love to put everything in their mouth!

Pig Lovie – Some babies do and some babies don’t get attached to one specific stuffy or blankie.  This little pig lovie is so sweet and soft and even rattles. The only thing we recommend is if your baby does become attached to one, make sure you have at least two, one as a backup if gets lost and for swapping out when the other needs a bath.

Muslin Swaddle Blanket – This precious swaddle is made of 100% cotton and showcases the most delicate unicorn and star pattern.  We love these muslin blankets because they are super soft and breathable, perfect lightweight coverage on those warm sunny days.  They are great for swaddling, covering your car seat or stroller on summer walks and they also work great as a nursing cover.

Keepsake holder – This little ceramic house has a compartment for your baby’s first tooth and first curl.  The perfect place to house these important milestones.

Happy Teether – This Bella Tunno teething ring is so handy to have when your little one is teething and needs something to chew on to get some relief.  These teethers are easy to grip, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and BPA and PVC free.  This company also provides one meal to one child in need for every product sold, what a great mission! 

Unicorn Stuffy – A themed gift basket is always fun so we included this matching Unicorn stuffy to accompany the swaddle. Not only is this sweet little ballerina great as décor sitting on the dresser or shelf in your baby’s nursery, but it also offers endless hours of imaginative play once they get older.

Baby Boy Basket:

Items included in the baby boy basket:

Drool Buster Bib – This bandana style bib says “Born to be Wild” and has an adorable bear and mountain print.  We love the mustard yellow, brown, black and green colour scheme, a nice change from your typical baby blue shades.  

Picture Me (photo swaddle) – This photo swaddle matches the drool bib and makes the perfect background for your monthly photos of your little man.  

Wonder Plate – This sectioned silicone plate comes in a mustard yellow and says “Mine Nachos”, and features a suction cup base. 

Silicone Spoons – A great addition to go with the silicone plate, these spoons come in a set of two and say “Stud Muffin” and “Hunk”, how fun!  

Canvas Growth Chart – These are gender neutral and suit any nursery.  We think this is the perfect addition to any shower gift! 

Muslin Swaddle – This swaddle blanket has an outdoor, wildlife theme which is why we chose it to go with the bib and photo swaddle.  It is 100% cotton and is oh so soft, the perfect blanket to swaddle that sweet new baby.

Happy Teether – This blue silicone teether comes from the same company as the one included in the girl basket.  We love their mission to help feed children in need by providing one meal for every product purchased.  We love that this teething ring is easy to hold, is dishwasher and freezer safe, contains no BPA or PVC and says “HUNK” on it.  

Pacifier Clip & Teether – As we said before, these products are life savers! No more soothers dropping on the dirty floor, and the silicone beads are perfect for your baby boy to chew on.

Bird Lovie – This little lovie is incredibly soft, the perfect cuddling companion for your precious little babe.  

Giraffe Head – How fun is this giraffe head? We love that it’s made from wool, the perfect décor addition to your little man’s nursery.  You can use it as a stuffy or hang it on the wall. We can’t get enough of this unique décor piece!

Decorating and organizing a baby’s nursery is one of our favourite parts of prepping for baby’s arrival.  Finding just the right pieces to make the space special, cozy and calm.  Anna’s does not only have plants, flowers and home décor, we also have a great selection of nursery items, accessories and specialty clothing for your little one.  So if you’re in the process of decorating a nursery come into Anna’s, we might just have that perfect piece you’ve been looking for. 

Celebrating and capturing each and every milestone with your baby is so much fun, but celebrating their first birthday is such an exciting time.  A whole year of watching your little babe grow, learn and become their own little person.  Finding just the right outfit, bib or party hat for all those photos you want to capture can be hard, but look no further, Anna’s has you covered.  We have a bib and party hat sets for both girl and boy as well as a precious cream onesie with “ONE” spelled out in gold sequins, and we can’t get enough of this cream and gold polka dot tutu with matching tulle bow. 

When decorating your baby’s nursery consider adding in some greenery.  We recommend the Snake and Pothos plant as they both purify the air in your home. Finding fun little pots is always a great way to add style, colour or whimsy to your space.  We can’t get enough of this adorable face pot housing this snake plant!  

We have hung the Pothos plant in a macramé plant hanger, a great way to draw your eye up and add visual interest to every part of your room.  We think the Pothos looks great hanging from the ceiling or sitting on a shelf because of its long, fast-growing vines.  Both plants and the pots they’re in are available here at Anna’s.  

Think about using items like stuffed animals, books and toys to decorate and bring your nursery to life.  Using these practical items not only saves you money as they are dual purpose, but they look so sweet adorning your shelves or the top of the dresser.  We love building up our kid’s book collection with fun, easy to read books that will take them through both the infant and toddler stages.  Anna’s carries these three books (shown on the book ledge above dresser), the fun bright colours look great out on display and the books themselves are great for newborn babies to age 4.  How sweet is the unicorn mobile, again adding decor to draw your eye up is always a great way to add dimension to your space.  Creating a unified space doesn’t mean you have to have a specific theme, but having a few similar items like the unicorn stuffy, muslin and mobile (all available at Anna’s) help tie everything together.  

Find a style and colour scheme you love and have fun!  Make your little one’s space cozy and practical, a place where they can sleep peacefully and a place that you can see them drifting to once they get a little older, to play and read.  Take advantage of every corner of your room, add fun baskets holding books and stuffies or create a book nook by adding a cozy rug, chair and book ledges.  Anna’s also carries these adorable metal toddler chairs in grey and cream.  We love these chairs because they are absolutely adorable and very functional, they are super sturdy, which means less chance of tipping.  We think they would be great paired with a toddler table for craft time and other activities!

We hope that you’re anticipating the arrival of one or two fresh new babies this year because there’s nothing better than newborn snuggles!  Remember that Anna’s is here to help you find the perfect baby gift or nursery decor.  Come in and let us help you pick out something special to celebrate this new bundle of joy!

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