Delivery available Canada-wide or pickup at 1911 Seacliff Dr. Kingsville, ON

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At Anna’s, we are firm believers in the power of community and giving back to the people and organizations that need it the most. 

Team up with Anna's to raise funds for your club, charity, or school, by selling some of our seasonal top sellers.

For our Winter Fundraising program ( November - December) our partnership will offer the following items:

+ Garland
+ Poinsettias
+ Winter Planters
+ Wreaths

For our Spring Fundraising program ( March - April) our partnership will offer the following items:

+ Hydrangeas (4”, 6”, 8” & 10”)
+ Spring Bulbs (4”)
+ Houseplants (10”): Majesty Palm, Ficus Lyrata, Sanseveria
+ Pussy Willow Bundle
+ Pansy Bowls
+ Helleborus 

If you would like to partner with us for a seasonal digital fundraiser, you can find more information below.


There will be a section created for you on our website under the FUNDRAISER tab in the navigation where people will be able to shop your items online. 

The sell prices will already be established, and payments are instantly made for ease of transactions. A cheque is remitted to you once the fundraiser is complete. 

Please send any questions that you may have to