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Picnic Weather: Enjoying A Day In The County

Picnic Weather: Enjoying A Day In The County

The store is buzzing with activity as we enter the middle of May.  We love seeing everyone eagerly getting their gardens, planters and patios ready for the upcoming season by adding fresh, vibrant blooms and lush greens.  With more and more sunshine in the forecast and temperatures climbing and staying in the double digits, it’s the perfect time to get outside to do some yard work, relax on the patio or check out some wonderful local destinations.  We are so lucky to have so many fun local options at our fingertips, and we love that you can squeeze one into a weekday evening after work, or make a full day out of it on a sunny Saturday or Sunday.

Kingsville is known for great restaurants, shops, veggie and fruit markets, beautiful parks, and a great downtown atmosphere.  We have so many wonderful places to choose from when it comes to planning a fun day out in the County!  We think making plans doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, either pick up some fresh local take out or make something tasty at home, and picnic outside at your local park or even your backyard.  Spend time with your loved ones or friends, enjoying some sunshine, yummy food and all the wonderful scenery that Kingsville and area have to offer.

Some of our favourite local spots for picnicking include:

Lakeside Park
The perfect mix of endless grass to play, run and picnic on, a playground for your little ones to burn off some energy, a beautiful garden and even a small taste of the beach.

Seacliff Park & Beach
This area offers similar amenities as Lakeside Park but also has a splash pad and a full-size beach.  Whether you stay up by the park or head right down to the water you’re guaranteed a beautiful view of the lake.

Any Local Park
If you live in a subdivision or close to one, there are so many great little playgrounds to choose from.  Grab your kids, a blanket, some snacks and spend the afternoon there.

Like we mentioned earlier, the Kingsville area offers some wonderful food choices that can be enjoyed on location or brought to the park.  We love that a lot of the local restaurants also offer a small patio to sit at if you’re more interested in people watching downtown. 

Here are some take out food options we think would be perfect for an outdoor picnic:

Birdie’s Perch
This double-decker bus turned food truck offers a one of a kind dining and take away experience.  Conveniently located near Point Pelee National Park it’s the perfect stop,  either before your adventure to the park or as something to look forward to after you’re done hiking, canoeing or bird watching.

Jack’s Gastropub
Known for its fun atmosphere, patio and of course delicious food, Jack’s is another favourite of ours.

Kings Bake Shop
You’ve got the meal covered, let someone else make dessert!  Grab a coffee-to-go and a variety of sweet treats to share.

Koi Sushi
Who said picnics meant sandwiches, fruit and cheese?  Spice things up and order some sushi to go! 

Xaco Taco
Who doesn’t love a good burrito?!  Well if you’re in the mood for a Mexican food stop at Xaco Taco, their burritos and burrito bowls are easy to transport and taste delicious!

If you have a full day to fill why not plan a route that includes a little bit of food, scenery and shopping.  We hope Anna’s is on your list of destinations, we promise we won’t disappoint you!  Come stock up on some delicious local fruit and produce, peruse our great selection of home decor and wellness products, and don’t forget about our fully stocked greenhouse!

We have included some great items found at Anna’s for our picnic setup.  The adorable cutting board is perfect for housing a charcuterie platter, and these small wooden bowls are great for your smaller treats both at home and when eating Al Fresco.  No picnic is complete without a delicious and refreshing beverage.  Anna’s has a great selection of drinks you can bring along on your picnic or road trip through the County.  We’ve selected these ASARASI (ah-sir-ah-see) organic sparkling drinks that feature pure water harvested from trees and have 0 sugar and 0 calories.  Tossing in some extra hand towels is never a bad idea when you’re off on a picnic.  Anna’s has a great variety of hand towel sets, we love this set that showcases three adorable patterns.  The sunny days call for a good, lightweight hat that’s not only functional but stylish.  Come into Anna’s to grab a beautiful hat to wear while you’re out and about in the sun this summer.

We have a feeling that these warm, sunny days are here to stay!  We can’t wait for the constant smell of the BBQ filling the air, only wearing shorts and sandals and enjoying lots of fresh air.  

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