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September: A New School Year Has Begun

September: A New School Year Has Begun

September marks the end of summer, the start of Fall and the beginning of a new school year.  Whether you’re sending your four years old off to their first day of JK, or you’re loading up all the dorm room necessities for your son or daughter’s first year of College or University, this time of year is filled with so many mixed emotions.

The start of a new school year is a reminder that our kids are growing up and although it’s hard to see them drift further and further away from being our babies, we couldn’t be more proud, because watching our kids learn, make friends, develop new skills and further their education makes our hearts so happy and so full.  We want to do everything we can to make their transition back to school as smooth as possible, which means healthy lunches, getting back into a routine and sending them off with the right school supplies.

Anna’s offers so much more than just plants and home décor.  With our ever-growing inventory, we are able to offer you gift ideas, wellness products, baby and kid items, and don’t forget about our produce table, where you’ll always find fresh food to fuel you and your family.  We’ve gathered some great items for your toddler, school-age child and young adult as they venture into an exciting new school year.

For some parents, this September marks their child’s first year of school.  They may be ready and rearing to learn and play, while others may be hesitant about leaving their mom or an environment they’ve grown accustomed to.  Talking about school well in advance is always a smart way to prepare your child for this new journey.  That way they know ahead of time what will happen, and walking them through each step will put them at ease.  We know change and new routines can sometimes be scary so we think getting your little one this Growl Pal stuffie is such a great way to let them know they aren’t alone.  This guy comes with a tag that talks about being brave and standing up to our fears, how awesome is that, I think we could all use one of these!

Emphasizing all the exciting new things about starting school will hopefully make them look forward to this change. We also think that getting your little one a new school-specific item like a backpack, lunch bag, running shoes or special snacks will also get them thinking about and looking forward to their school debut.  We adore these little fox and bear backpacks.  They are toddler-size which means your little one can carry and wear these on their back like a big kid.  The inside is nylon which makes it easy to clean and wipe out and there’s even a little pocket on the side for their water bottle.  We love that these bags are the perfect size to carry all their necessities back and forth from school to home.

Growing up we always looked forward to snack and lunchtime. Time to socialize with our friends and mow down on some yummy food. We rarely had anything sugary or sweet but on the rare occasion we’d be surprised to find a Fruit by the Foot, Dunkaroos or Gushers tucked inside our lunch bag.  Providing your child with great food options while they’re at school can sometimes be a challenge but Anna’s has you covered.  Come shop our produce table and pick up some fresh fruits and veggies.  Cut up some cucumbers or peppers and add some salad dressing for dipping. Apple slices and strawberries are easy to prepare and pack and are always a tasty, refreshing snack.  We also think these Pretzel Pete 100 calorie packs are perfect for tossing into your kid’s lunch bag.  They’re the perfect snack size treat and come in flavours like Honey Mustard & Onion or Cheese Pizza.  And mom’s, don’t be afraid to sneak in a surprise treat once in a while…because all things in moderation, right?

Each new stage of schooling always brings on a flood of emotions. High school is the next big step in education after Elementary school, and with this change of environment and all that they’re familiar with, our kids can feel anxious and nervous.  Knowing that you won’t be with your best friends all the time and learning lots of new things can be intimidating, but there are so many amazing things about each new school year.  We need to encourage our kids to embrace all the things that school offers them now and for the future, get them to participate in clubs, sports and volunteering.  Once your child becomes a teenager and enters the world of high school, their interests and necessities change.  We’ve gathered some items that are not only practical but that we think your teenager will love taking to school every day.  Having a good water bottle is always important when you’re at school all day.  Anna’s carries Swig bottles in all shapes and sizes that keep your water cold for up to 24 hours and your hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours.  We love the fun colours they come in but thought this lilac colour was so pretty.  We also loved the size and shape of this one, large enough that you aren’t constantly refilling it but narrow enough to easily fit inside a backpack.
If you’ve got a daughter in high school then I’m sure you’re used to seeing more accessories and cosmetics showing up around your house.  We think the Coola lip gloss is such a great addition to any backpack or locker. We love that they offer tinted options that add subtle colour (how gorgeous are these Fall shades?) and also protect lips from the sun with an SPF 30.  They also have a clear peppermint and vanilla scent that is great for anybody.  Being back to school also means germs and cold and flu season.  Help beat those germs with the Rinse Handy-Tizer that comes in four different scents.  We think the spray bottle makes using it quick and easy and we love this Fall inspired cinnamon, clove and lemon scent.
Anna’s has expanded their line of wellness products and we can’t stop sniffing the new Farmhouse Fresh Line; bath bombs, sugar scrubs, face masks, hand lotions and so much more.  These products had us reminiscing those sleepovers with our friends, doing face masks, makeup and hair.  The Farmhouse Fresh Chocolate Softening mask is so much fun for any age.  We love that these products are natural and safe to use on anybody and say the word chocolate and we’re in.  This face mask that not only smells divine but also softens your skin, defends against wrinkles and revitalizes your skin.
 For those of you with kids leaving the nest, we always think bringing the comforts of home is always key to keeping them focused and not homesick. Things like a throw blanket, cozy socks, picture frames with family and friends and a low maintenance houseplant for their dorm room.  Come to Anna’s to find the perfect throw blanket for any style, we are a big fan of the new blankets we got in for Fall and Winter, so soft and cozy!  The weather is starting to cool down and one of our Fall and Winter necessities are slippers and socks.  Our favourite ones are these by World Softest.  They claim wearing their socks is like walking on clouds, and we’d have to agree.  These plush socks are made in Niota Tennessee and we think they’d be great for your newly independent child to wear while they study or are just hanging out with their new friends.
As we mentioned earlier, bringing pieces of home to their dorm room is always a great idea.  What better way to do that than with pictures of family and friends.  Not only will these photos keep their loved ones close by visually, but picture frames are always a fun way to add style to your space.  Anna’s offers a great selection of picture frames to suit your needs so come in and take a look!
We love that our Farmhouse Fresh wellness line suits any age and we think that every college or university student could use a quality hand scrub and hand lotion, especially during those winter months.  Your hands are sure to stay soft and moisturized with this One Fine Day Shea Sugar scrub and Pink Moon Shea Butter Hand cream.  What a great little gift to send to your child, niece, grand-daughter or friend.
We couldn’t end this post without suggesting the perfect indoor plant for your child to take to their new home. We always think adding plants to any space is a great way to add style, and even with a busy schedule, this ZZ plant is sure to survive!  Anna’s has a great selection of easy to care for plants for any home, a guaranteed way to brighten any drab dorm room.
Staying healthy is important for all of us but learning to live on your own and picking and choosing meals can sometimes be overwhelming. Let’s be honest, we all love to indulge and sometimes our gut pays the price. That’s why we recommend Booch Kombucha.  Not only does this beverage taste great, but it is packed full of health benefits and helps keep your gut healthy.  Kombucha has been growing in popularity, especially with young adults, so if your College or University Go-er isn’t already drinking it sends along with a bottle for them to try.
The air is starting to feel crisp and cool, which means Fall is on its way!  This is such an exciting season for so many reasons, not just because of the changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween.  This season marks the start of a new adventure for our kids, an adventure that marks their growth physically, emotionally and mentally.  We hope you captured their first day of school with a photo (even if they’re 20) so you can always have these special memories to reflect back on.  We hope everyone’s transition back to school is going as smoothly as possible!

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