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Cooper’s Mill: Fruit Butters

Cooper’s Mill: Fruit Butters

September is a month of transition, a time of returning back to routine- setting alarms to ensure everyone is out of bed and no one misses the school bus, packing lunches in the morning and sitting down for homework at night. It’s also a time of cozying in, with temperatures starting to cool off, we find ourselves embracing all the goodness that Autumn brings- it’s colours, scents and treats!

This week we’re talking about two Cooper’s Mill favourites here at Anna’s: Apple Butter & Pumpkin Butter. Delicious all-natural spreads made the old-fashioned way, slow-cooked in copper kettles over a wood fire! A sweet treat to mix up your morning breakfast routine- delicious enough that it just might have you looking forward to that morning alarm! So, what is it?

Apple butter is a highly concentrated form of applesauce, packed with plenty of Apples, cider and cinnamon. Cooper’s Mill Apple Butter is dark brown and rich in flavour; cooked slow and long so that the sugar in the apples’ caramelize- making it delicious on toast, muffins, or in marinades or dips. With a twist of the lid, you’ll be greeted with that delectable smell of Fall, and the craving to incorporate Apple Butter into all your favourite recipes! You could even add it to your yogurt, brie or cottage cheese as a yummy snack!

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More of a pumpkin fan? Cooper’s Mill Pumpkin Butter has nothing but rave reviews from customers- being totted as “the creamiest, melt in your mouth pumpkin butter you will ever eat!”. Delicious with French toast, incorporated in a Pumpkin loaf recipe, or mixed in with granola- there are so many yummy recipe suggestions that you can find! Pumpkin-y goodness, buttery texture with a warm blend of spices and subtle sweetness- the perfect spread to have on hand for adding to all kinds of Fall treats!

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Do you have a favourite recipe or way of incorporating fruit butter into your snacks and meals? We would love to hear from you- comment below or use #WelcometoAnnas on Instagram and share!

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