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Houseplants for Homestyles

Houseplants for Homestyles

A home just doesn’t feel complete without a few houseplants, we may be a bit biased since we are plant-obsessed, but there’s something magical that happens once you add those beautiful greens to your space. Adding plants to your home décor will not only provide health benefits but add aesthetic appeal as well. There are so many house plants to choose from which can make it hard to narrow down which one would best suit your home.  So we’ve pulled a plant and pot (both available at Anna’s) for each of the four home décor styles we discussed in a previous blog post; Modern Farmhouse, Urban Boho, Transitional and Nautical. You may be looking to buy your first plant or you might already have a house full of plants and are looking for more, either way, we hope this post inspires you to come into Anna’s.  We have just added to our selection of houseplants and we’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect one or two to complete your space!

Adding texture to your space is key when it comes to the visual interest.  There’s no better way to achieve this than by adding plants and pots to your home. With plants coming in an endless selection of colours, shapes, sizes and textures they make the perfect addition to any room in your house.  Certain foliage can really compliment your home décor style, but ultimately you can really mix and match any type of plant into any space.  Here are four plants that we love and why we think they’re a great fit for the Modern Farmhouse, Urban Boho, Transitional and Nautical home décor styles.

The Modern Farmhouse style embodies a combination of rustic, industrial and modern.  We thought the Dracaena Fragrans or “corn plant” was a great choice for this décor style not only because it resembles a stalk of corn, but is easy to care for and is one of the best house plants for removing indoor air toxins. The striped pattern on the leaves can come in variegated greens and a creamy yellow as well.  We love that this plant is tall and narrow and even the larger varieties are easy to place, enhancing any bare corner in your home. When choosing a  pot we picked one that offers some pattern but is fairly neutral since Modern Farmhouse style typically uses earth tones, crisp white and black accents typically seen in the hardware throughout the house.  Here are some other great plant options we love for the Modern Farmhouse style: Fiddle Leaf Fig, Spider plant, Pilea and Ferns.

Urban boho is one of our favourite styles.  Rattan, macramé and an abundance of greenery are used to achieve this look and we can’t get enough.  The use of these materials creates an eclectic, artistic and laid back atmosphere.  Plants are colourful, textured, lively, natural and can be incorporated into spaces in so many fun and interesting ways.  Like we mentioned, the boho style embraces the use of lots and lots of plants, they can be displayed in large floor pots, placed in clusters on shelves and mantles or hanging in macramé.  We love that you really can’t have too many plants when it comes to this décor style, and incorporating a variety of different plant types only adds to creating a bohemian paradise.  We chose to showcase the Ficus Elastica, better known as the Rubber tree as our boho star.  This beauty offers smooth, deep green leaves and can grow to impressive heights within a few years (especially if you place them outside during the summer). Hurry into Anna’s to check out our new plant pots!  We’ve chosen this new white cement pot to house the rubber tree.  We are obsessed with the plant stands and pots with legs, they come in different sizes, shapes, materials and colours and add height and visual interest to any space. The rubber tree is truly a striking plant and will be that unique piece all your guests will be admiring. Some other plants to consider for your boho space: cactus, ZZ plant, pothos and yucca.

A Transitional space blends both traditional and contemporary designs by using neutral backgrounds such as grey, beige and cream.  Adding pops of fresh greenery to a transitional space keeps it fresh, adds an organic/natural element and fills an empty corner or space to add visual interest.  This décor style doesn’t incorporate a lot of live plants into its rooms but adding one large floor plant or tree and one on a tabletop can look beautiful.  We chose this gorgeous Aglaonema Calypso for the Transitional décor style. Not only is this plant easy to care for, but it has luscious green leaves that are patterned with a lighter shade of green that almost looks silver in some lights.  This full, bushy plant fills a room with so much visual beauty and we think it suits the mixture of traditional and modern styles perfectly.  This barrel planter we chose has traditional lines but offers the neutral tone and subtle texture that makes for the perfect Transitional partner to this Aglaonema Calypso.  Some other plants that would work in a Transitional space: ficus tree, peace lily, aloe vera, fern varieties.

The Nautical décor style utilizes materials and objects related to the water and sailing, as well as clean fresh colours that are in the blue and green family.  You’ll typically find things like rope, sand, shells, driftwood, and netting used to achieve this décor style.  When thought that incorporating plans that resembled seaweed or plants that inhabited the shorelines was a great way to bring yet another piece of the water and its scenery into your home.  This Aspienium Bird’s Nest fern was our top choice as it embodied the flow and texture of seaweed or a plant found at the bottom of the ocean.  We love that this fern has flat, wavy fronds which add a ton of texture, visual appeal and another element of nature to your nautical themed space. We’ve housed the bird’s nest fern into this rope pot which suits the nautical theme perfectly.  Some other plants that would suit this décor style include air plants (housed in a hanging glass vessel), majesty palm and succulents.

Plants truly are your ticket to creating a successfully decorated and styled home.  Not only are plants beneficial to your health with their air-purifying abilities, but they offer an abundance of colour, textures, shapes and sizes. If you don’t have a lot of experience with plants or haven’t had a lot of success keeping them alive don’t let that stop you!  We’re here to help you choose the perfect plant for your space and give you all the tools for success so you can watch your new plant flourish and grow. We can’t wait to see which plants you take home!

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