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Styling Your Porch For Fall

Styling Your Porch For Fall

The weather may have tried to trick us with a couple of hot days, but we’re still thinking about all things Fall around here.  Anna’s is stocked full with so many beautiful Fall-themed items as well as fun Halloween décor that is sure to get you in the spirit.  Not only do we have a great selection of products for inside your home, but we have beautifully arranged planters, and bins and bins of pumpkins in all shapes, sizes, and colours.

With your front porch being the first thing you, your neighbours and visitors see, giving it some extra love and attention is well worth it.  With a fresh coat of paint on your front door, a chair or two, some outdoor pillows, and some plants you can create curb appeal and a welcoming and cozy vibe.  The front porch is one of our favourite spots to decorate, especially when it comes to seasonal décor.  You can have so much fun creating a festive space to walk up to with the addition of just the right planters, doormat and decorative pieces. When it comes to décor styles all of us are different, some of us like simplicity while others like to go all in and add as many elements of the holiday or season to create their favourite look.  We’ve put together three different front porch looks for Fall; Modern, Contemporary and Country.


This look we’ve created adds in subtle elements of the season.  Modern Fall styling is simple and stays fairly neutral with some pops of colour.  It’s about not overpowering your space with items but choosing just the right ones that will coordinate and play off of each other to achieve a certain style or feeling.  With this in mind, we have selected more neutral pieces, that when combined create a cozy, modern Fall feel.  A Fall porch isn’t complete without a few pumpkins so we chose to style our modern porch with these creamy white beauties.  We still wanted to add in pops of colour so adding in our mums in this rich red/orange shade added some warmth and depth.  We’ve combined and clustered plants, like these mums and Heather,  in different sizes and incorporated this sleek modern/mid-century pot with a gold stand to create visual interest and balance.  Fall is all about layers, so bring that out in your decorating, layer your plants at different heights, bring out the pillows and blankets in all the cozy fabrics and layer two doormats to add pattern and colour.  A couple of other fun colour schemes to consider could be; white pumpkins with coral/pink mums or orange pumpkins with all white mums.  We love that this style is simple and doesn’t require a lot of items to achieve a cute Fall vibe.



For those of you who like a little more colour and a little more Fall then here’s a style that will probably be what you’re looking for.  The Contemporary style is all about combining items that may be standard to the particular season but then adding a more current spin on it.  Although this style is different, we still used the same components to achieve a visually appealing front porch scene.  So keep in mind; texture, layering, various sizes, heights, and shapes.  Our contemporary porch uses more popular seasonal shades like orange, red and yellow.  We swapped out the white pumpkins and replaced them with a fun “warty” one and some smaller orange ones.  When placing your items don’t just decorate right at the front door, create dimension and interest by pulling items away from the door and down your front steps.  This porch incorporates one of Anna’s popular Fall planter pots that is full of texture and visual interest.  Not only do they make decorating your porch easy, but they are arranged with some unique and beautiful plants, like the burgundy grass, ornamental cabbage, peppers, and lambs ear.  This Contemporary Fall porch is still pretty simple but it definitely houses more Fall specific décor and a very homey and cozy appearance.  This style screams “Welcome, come in!” and I can’t think of a more perfect message to send to all your visitors.


There’s no holding back when it comes to this Fall porch.  Bring on all the pumpkins, all the plants, and all the colour!  Sunflowers not only scream Fall, but they’re also one of the most gorgeous flowers this time of year.  Their size and their big black centers that are surrounded by vibrant yellow petals make them the perfect choice when you’re looking for something cheerful and fun.  That’s why we chose this beautiful sunflower wreath to be front and center for our Country porch scene. Incorporating all the elements of Fall and Harvest is a great way to achieve a Country styled front porch; pumpkins, gourds, hay bales, cornstalks, mums and apple baskets.  Again we’ve applied the same layering and height components when decorating, a formula that will guarantee visual interest.
Adding these pumpkins all the way down the steps is such a fun and festive look, the more pumpkins the better when it comes to this porch style!  With pumpkins coming in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes you can create a pumpkin cascade that will be the envy of your neighbourhood.  To go with the sunflower wreath, we decided to add a couple of pots of these mini sunflower plants to bring in some yellow amongst the sea of orange.  Creating a full and finished porch scene meant the addition of more plants, so we added a gorgeous rectangular planter and placed it at the foot of the rocking chair.
There’s no right or wrong way of decorating so have fun and get creative!  Anna’s is stocked with so many fun Fall and Halloween items for you to choose from so make sure you come to check us out before you get started, we may have just what you’re looking for.  We can’t wait to see how you’ve styled your front porch, don’t forget to tag us on social media at #WelcomeToAnnas.

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