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Lilies: Daylilies & Asiatic

Lilies: Daylilies & Asiatic

Create a striking border in your garden by incorporating beautiful Lilies. Known to be loved by pollinator bees, these easy to grow, low maintenance perennials come in many varieties. This week we wanted to highlight both the Asiatic Lily and Daylily.

Asiatic Lilies are the first lilies of the season, blooming in June just after the peonies, their upward facing flowers are a favourite for cut-flower gardeners. Native to Japan and China, Asiatic Lilies will add vibrancy to your early Summer garden. Known to be the shortest type of Lily, this variety will grow 2-3’ tall, as compact stems with large flowers.

Tiny Rocket Asiatic Lily

These non-fragrant Lilies will do best in moist, well-drained soil, ensuring that they are watered until well-established.  Plant your Asiatic Lilies in an area that receives full or partial light, ideally at least 6 hours of morning or late afternoon sun.

Available Asiatic Lilies:

  • Tiny Double You – Double Orange flowers.
  • Tiny Pearl – Bright Pink flowers.
  • Tiny Rocket – Dark red flowers with the centre of the petals etched an even darker red.

Going Bananas Daylily

Daylilies are considered an “ideal perennial” as they are tough, adaptable plants that require very little maintenance and thrive in most soil conditions. Distinguished by their tall strap-like foliage and lightly fragrant flower clusters on wiry stems, these consistent re-bloomers are the perfect addition to any garden!

Initially blooming in June, continuing to flourish throughout the heat of Summer and into early Fall, Daylilies grow best in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. Drought-tolerant, these lilies will not fair well in constantly damp soil. When planting, ensure that you choose a location with full or partial sunlight as they will do best with at least six hours of light per day.

Going Bananas Daylily

Known by some as their botanical name “Hemerocallis” meaning “beauty for a day”, most Daylilies typically open in the morning and die off by nightfall. However not to worry, as each stem usually contains numerous buds ensuring the plant stays in bloom for several weeks.

Available Daylily Varieties:

  • Going Bananas – Lemon yellow ruffled flowers.
  • Stella D’Oro – Golden yellow flowers.

Stella D’Oro Daylily

Caring For Your Lilies:

When you notice the petals of your Lilies starting to drop, it is time to deadhead. Be sure to leave the green plants until they turn brown to help keep the bulbs fed for the seasons ahead. Once the stems have turned brown completely, you will want to mulch your plants in late Fall to keep them protected throughout the Winter.

Tiny Pearl Asiatic Lily
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