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Here’s To You Mom!

Here’s To You Mom!

According to a 2018 study, being a mom is equivalent to working two and a half full-time jobs. That’s before the added pressures that this year has put onto our plate. Tiring yes, but we are wired to keep going, to do what’s in the best interest of our children and to raise them to be wise, kind and a better next generation. The time is now to celebrate and thank mom for everything she has done. She deserves it!

I might be biased but in my opinion, every day should be Mother’s Day. The sleepless nights, the sacrifices and the pressure to raise good humans can be a lot to handle, especially in today’s world. Moms deserve more than one single day to be recognized.

I remember when I first found out I was pregnant with maverick. We were young but stable. We were happy and had plans for our future that involved renovating and working on ourselves. We wanted a strong foundation before growing our family. But sometimes surprises happen and it isn’t until later in life that we realized everything happens for a reason.

Two babies in and one on the way and I can’t imagine life any other way. I honestly can’t remember what a good night’s sleep feels like and I admit I struggle to find time for myself without feeling the guilt of putting my own needs before the kids. That is why it is so important to celebrate your mom and show her you care and she’s worth it.

Family everything I ever wanted sign 19.99

Sometimes it hard to find that perfect gift for mom. After all, we know she deserves more than we can offer her. And at the end of the day, all mom wants is to feel loved and appreciated and to be surrounded by her family. However, if you still need that perfect gift to go along with breakfast in bed or a free night off, Annas has you covered.

Pink Peony Spray 12.99 | Baby’s up Coffees in the cup set 24.99 | Rainbow tea towel 19.99

Have you had a chance to check out our wellness area. Being a young mom to two clingy toddlers I know how big of a struggle it is to even take time to shower. Give mom a break and supply her with some amazing new skincare products that her body probably so badly needs. We have a new line of beautifully branded skincare products that mom will be able to use time and time again. My favourite (and mavericks as well) is the Rose Quartz roller. 

Gua Sha tool 24.99 | Dry facial brush 24.99 | Rose quartz facial roller 29.99 | Cleansing balm 49.99

Rose quartz facial roller 29.99

One childhood memory I remember best from both my grandma and my mom was their love for baking and including me in the process. Today, I love reading old recipes my grandma had passed down to her and replicating them with the boys.

Wood rolling pin 19.99 | Wood cutting board 49.99

Is mom the sentimental type? does she love framed memories and trinkets to be put on display? A stocking item we have at Annas is our stone art. Each photo handcrafted with small images representing different moments in life. We have a few images of families and children making it the perfect mothers day gift to treasure year after year.

Danica tea towel 9.99 | Pink boho mug 14.99

Stone art 49.99 | Danica tea towel 9.99 | Pink boho mug 14.99

One thing that helps me settle after a busy day with the boys is laying down at the end of the night, putting down my phone and turning on calming meditations. I take a moment to notice all my senses. I take note of the temperature of the room, I loosen all the tight muscles and focus on my breathing. Having a relaxing but familiar smell in the background calms me and often is exactly what I need to shut my eyes for the night.

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Does mom wear much jewellery? Even for the minimalist mom who only wears her wedding band and nothing more, we have a large selection of meaningful, dainty jewellery that can be the perfect reminder of her kiddos first thing in the morning. Each piece hand-selected by our team for its unique characteristics and meaningfulness.

Always looking out necklace 19.99 | Positive directions earrings 19.99 | A natural beauty earrings 19.99 | Throw blanket 49.99

Whether mother’s day will be spent eating popcorn, watching movies with your babies by your side or waving through a window. Whether it be holding a memory close and remembering all those moments, either way, take a moment to think of mom. To remember and acknowledge all those little moments. Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.

Provisions Popcorn 11.50

” I’m glad that your my mother, kind and caring and strong because surely no one else could have put up with me this long”. 
-Holly Giffers

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