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Carrot Bacon: Crispy Vegan Jerky

Carrot Bacon: Crispy Vegan Jerky

Sourcing Canadian-made, plant-based food products has become something our buying team here at Anna’s has become very passionate about! This week we’re talking bacon and not the greasy breakfast type! 

Meet Carrot Bacon, a small start-up from Peterborough, ON dedicated to bringing your a healthy, plant-based bacon alternative. Transforming carrots into bacon, this snack is crispy, smoky-sweet, umami, slightly spicy, and totally delicious. Of course vegan, all-natural & packed with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins.

Harnessing the ancient arts of Charcuterie and Butchery, then fusing them with modern molecular gastronomy, Carrot Bacon transforms the humble carrot into crave-worthy satisfaction.


  • Applewood Smoke Carrot Bacon – the most delicate flavour with a nice blend of smoky, salty & subtly sweet. Applewood smoke flavour provides a craveable warmth and sweetness that blends well with subtle onion & garlic aromas. 
  • Carolina Smoke Carrot Bacon – the most powerful flavour with a nice blend of savoury, smoky, salty, subtly sweet & slightly spicy. Packs a punch of tongue-lingering smoked paprika, mouth-watering smoky hickory, and a touch of maple sweetness.
  • Tokyo Toasted Sesame Carrot Bacon – gives you savoury, sweet, salty & umami flavours with every satisfying bite. Unleashes the nutty, rich flavour of sesame oil, sweet acidity of balsamic vinegar and mouth-watering tang of tamari onto your palette. 



  • A plant-based jerky made from carrot slices that are marinated in one of our three signature sauces and dehydrated. Unlike any other vegan jerky, Carrot Bacon uses the power of the humble carrot rather than a heavily processed soy paste that tries too hard to be meat.
  • Ingredients: Carrots, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Canadian Maple Syrup, Gluten-Free Tamari, Nutritional Yeasts, Spices (including onion & garlic powder), Natural Smoke Flavour and Citric Acid.
  • 30g pouch, no refrigeration needed, the guaranteed shelf life of 6 months.

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