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For the Homebody: Cozy In

For the Homebody: Cozy In

Every single window in our house has been open and I can’t get enough of that fresh fall breeze.  We’ve had the diffuser going non-stop, and the combination of the autumn air and comforting fall blends has been a match made in heaven.  These past couple weeks we’ve been so blessed with a gradual transition from Summer to Fall.  With our mornings being cool, crisp and sometimes rainy, and our afternoons warm and sunny, I’d say we’ve been spoiled with some pretty perfect September days.
With the dropping temperatures, it’s time to start pulling out those cozy layers and fall wardrobe pieces we’ve been missing during the hot summer months.  While Fall fashion is always fun, we can’t forget about dressing our house with the changing season as well.  Think about incorporating soft, welcoming pieces that invite you and your guests to cuddle up and get comfortable.  The festive Fall and Halloween decor is the first thing to appear in early September, but there are other pieces you can add to your house to make it extra cozy during these cooler months.


Fall is all about layers and textures.  Not only is it fun to mix and match fun textiles when you’re picking out your outfit for the day, but it’s also a great way to spice up your home.  The best way to incorporate texture, colour and design is through the addition of throw pillows, blankets and rugs. Adding these three items not only finishes a space, but you can have so much fun mixing and matching different materials, patterns and colours to achieve your personal style.  Anna’s has a beautiful selection of pillows, throw blankets and rugs in a variety of amazing textures that will take your room to the next level, so make sure to stop by if you’re on the hunt for something unique.

Living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms are typically associated with comfort and coziness, and that makes sense since that’s where we tend to spend time reading, watching TV, hanging out with family or relaxing.  But let’s not forget about some other little spots in your home like your foyer and mudroom that can quickly be transformed with the addition of some soft textures.  A feature that our home lacks is an official foyer, you step into our house and you’re immediately in our living room.  As much as I’d love to have a larger more prominent entranceway, there are simple ways to make the space that we have functional and aesthetically pleasing.  This is the first space that you and your guests see when they enter your home, make it warm and welcoming by adding a practical rug or mat (like this jute one) to soften the space and to absorb water from wet shoes.  If you’re fortunate to have a good size foyer with a bench, add a couple of throw pillows to brighten up this area.  Adding a mat to any entrance like your foyer or mudroom is always a great idea.  Be sure to choose something that is durable, can be cleaned or hides dirt well since these are high traffic areas that see a lot of dirty shoes.


A couch and bed just aren’t complete without two or three decorative pillows and a throw blanket, I can admit I’m slightly obsessed, but for good reason.  As long as you have a fairly neutral wall and furniture to work with, the easiest way to quickly transform your space is through your soft textiles like your curtains, rugs and pillows.  Swapping these out to achieve a new style or to add festive touches to your space is less expensive than purchasing new furniture and repainting.  Like I keep saying, Fall is about creating a warm, cozy environment and this can easily be achieved by incorporating heavier softer fabrics and knits.
It’s all about decorating with practical things.  There are so many ways to display a throw blanket that will take your space to another level of soft and cozy; simply drape one over the back of your sofa, hang them on a blanket ladder, fold them neatly on a built-in shelf or casually fold one or two and toss them in a large basket.  You will add so much to your space when you display your throw blankets, and they’ll be easily accessible when you’re ready to settle down on the couch and watch your favourite show.  When choosing or combining blankets to display, try to keep things unified with a certain colour scheme but also mix in throws that offer a variety of elements and texture like; fringe, chunky knits, pom poms, fur, quilting or wool.  I like to do the same when it comes to pillow combinations.  The more the item engages our visual and tactile senses the better.  Even if you’re looking for a solid pillow in a specific colour think about the fabric and lean more towards velvets, corduroys, knits or fur.  All of these textures instantly make me want to grab a blanket and cuddle up on the couch to watch a movie or sip a cup of tea.


Our bedrooms are already considered comfortable since that’s where we sleep, but take your bed lounging to the next level of coziness with fun throws and pillows.  Making your bedroom a comfortable, serene space to retire to will also help you get a better night’s sleep.  Sometimes there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than sitting in bed with my feet up and a soft throw blanket covering me.  If you love a neutral colour scheme these new plain pillows with black phrases like “Sweet Dreams Darling” might be just the piece you need to finish off your pillow arrangement.  Anna’s carries so many gorgeous pillows and blankets that go well together or can easily be mixed in with your existing collection.  Having a large assortment of pillows and throws is never a bad idea, it’s always fun to move them around from room to room and swap them from couch to couch to change things up and keep things interesting.


Engaging our senses is the key to creating a cozy home, adding visual interest for our eyes, incorporating a variety of soft textures for our skin and we can’t forget about our sense of smell.  There’s something about walking into a home with a candle burning a delicious Fall scent that usually involves baked goods, the smell surrounds you and invites you in to sit down, relax and stay awhile.  Lighting a candle instantly increases the coziness of a home, and two scents that are sure to be a hit are Pumpkin Vanilla and Warm Cinnamon Buns by Swan Creek Candle Co. Anna’s carries so many amazing candles that are perfect for these crisp Fall days and will have you looking forward to bundling up and staying inside.
What’s your favourite way to get your house ready for Fall?

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