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Under Carriage: Natural Deodorant Cream

Under Carriage: Natural Deodorant Cream

Let’s talk about your daily under-arm routine! Deodorant can be a large contributor to toxic build-up in your body, so perhaps it’s time to consider making the switch to an all-natural brand, one that can truly have a positive impact on your overall health and wellness.

We first talked about all-natural deodorant back in August when we featured Rinse deOdor Stick– however, when it comes to switching to an all-natural wellness product, like most things in life, some things may work well for one person, but may not work at all for another.

At Anna’s we’re passionate about inspiring you to live a healthy lifestyle, and we love to do that while supporting small, and local brands! So this week, we wanted to give you the low-down on Under Carriage, a handmade, Canadian deodorant cream for under the arms, under the breasts and under the belt!

So, how did it come to be? Julie Dorion, the founder of Under Carriage was watching her 12-year-old daughter smear a big brand deodorant stick beneath her arms one day when she realized she had been adamant about using non-toxic products around the house but had never stopped to examine the health and beauty products in their cabinet.

After not being happy with the eco-friendly products she found on the market, and 12 months of focus groups and testing – Under Carriage was born, a product for anyone that wants odor protection. Stating that it won’t protect you from sweating, but it will minimize your wetness and keep you smelling fresh- creating a barrier that kills bacteria that causes odor!

A 100% Natural deodorant, with non-toxic ingredients- meaning no parabens, no phthalates, and no petrochemicals!

How does Under Carriage work?

  1. Simply dab your finger in the jar to obtain a pea-size amount for both underarms.
  2. Be sure to not over-apply the product, as the ingredients are all-natural oils and waxes and they may transfer to clothing if over-applied.
  3. You should feel dry, smell good and feel confident all day long!
  4. The jar should last 4-6 months depending on how many regions you apply it.

After doing some research of our own on Under Carriage, we didn’t come across anything but rave reviews from bloggers and customers all over Canada and the United States! However, we would love to hear from you, let us know how it works for you by commenting below or tagging us on social media!

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