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Houseplants for Bathrooms

Houseplants for Bathrooms

Houseplants seem to be my go-to solution for all my home decor problems.  They fill empty spots on shelves, counters and window sills perfectly, add life and texture to any space and a lot of them help purify the air in your home, so you really can’t go wrong adding a plant or two to all the rooms in your house.  One room in particular that sometimes gets neglected is our bathrooms.  I think we’d be surprised at how much time we actually spend in our bathroom, so why not give them a little extra attention.  With the cooling temperatures sometimes a hot shower or bath is exactly what we need to get rid of that chill that even the coziest blanket or socks can’t fix.

Bathrooms are a great spot for plants, with an environment that’s quite frequently filled with moisture and heat, certain plants really thrive.  There are so many fun ways to add plants to your bathroom space, and even the tiniest bathroom can really be transformed with the addition of plants strategically placed in just the right nooks and crannies.  In my opinion, you really can’t have too many plants so think about placing them on window sills, in pots on the floor, pots on stands, shelves, vanity countertops, hanging in macrame and even on a shelf right in your shower.

 For me, creating a calm, peaceful space that relaxes all my senses is key when soaking in the tub or enjoying a hot shower.  I always love adding some lavender essential oil to the bathwater along with some bubbles if I’m having a late-night soak or spraying this citrus shower spray filled with essential oils, to help lift my mood or give me some energy.  Turning the lights down or off and adding candlelight is also one of my favourite ways to set a relaxing scene.  Adding a soft bath mat is not only practical for soaking up water when you step out of the tub or shower, but adding soft textiles to your bathroom makes things more welcoming as well.  Anna’s has a great selection of mats that are perfect for your bathroom, foyer, and kitchen, so come in and grab one and give your space and your feet a little extra love.

When choosing plants for any space there are certain factors to be considered.  When selecting plants for a bathroom the three factors we need to think about include low light, high humidity, and temperature changes.


Also known as the “swiss cheese” plant, the Monstera features beautiful big perforated leaves that make quite the statement in any room.  Monsteras do require a lot of space, so these aren’ the best choice for smaller bathrooms.  They also require a balance between sun and shade and need to be watered once a week (wait until the soil is fairly dry).  Keep the monstera’s leaves vibrant by cleaning the leaves gently with a damp cloth.  I cleaned this monstera’s leaves with a microfibre cloth and some DIY Happy Plant spray (find the recipe in our “Essential Oils for You & Your Home” post).  The monstera loves a humid environment, as it is a tropical plant and can be found in the jungle, so the bathroom is the perfect home for this beauty. I love the striking leaves of the monstera and think this gold pot and stand are perfect for raising the plant off the floor to really showcase all that this gorgeous plant has to offer.


The snake plant is typically the plant that I recommend to anyone just getting into plants or if someone is looking for a plant that requires very little care and sunlight.  With the snake plant being one of the most tolerant plants, you can place it just about anywhere and have success.  I love that this plant also purifies the air in your home and removes toxins like formaldehyde and benzene.  Like a lot of bathrooms, sunlight can be minimal so the snake plant is a perfect choice.  The tall sword-like leaves come in a variety of colours and the architectural nature of the snake plant makes it the perfect choice for modern and contemporary styles.  This plant comes in all different sizes suitable for your counters and shelves and larger ones that are great for placing on the floor in baskets, pots or stands.

Snake plant pictured in white plant stand on right.



In their natural element ant plants have a great relationship with ants themselves, hence their name.  Ants pollinate the plant and in return, the plant provides shelter for the ants.  This plant prefers warm and humid temperatures and indirect sunlight, which makes them great plants to place in bathrooms.  Like a lot of plants, over-watering is a big no-no and drainage is key to growing and maintaining a happy, healthy ant-plant.  I’ve chosen a simple earth color terra cotta pot to house this unique little guy.  I love how the plant grows like a vine and trails downward, a great plant to cluster with another plant or two.




These ferns are growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why!  The staghorn fern is an epiphyte, which means they grow on other plants and trees in their natural environment and only require air and water to survive.  These unique ferns offer fun texture with their leathery fronds and felt-like hairs.  This type of fern requires bright, indirect or diffused sunlight, Southern/Eastern light exposure, and temperatures above 50 degrees.  The staghorn loves being misted but if placed in a regularly used bathroom the mist and humidity from the shower may be sufficient.  Using pots and containers in all different materials and textures is a great way to add visual interest to your space.  I’ve placed the staghorn fern in a jute basket and love the contrast of the plant’s natural textures against the patterned jute vessel.


This striking plant adds so much life to your space, with its dark green, arrowhead-shaped leaves, and prominent white veins.  With the Elephant Plant aka “alocasia Polly” requiring indirect sunlight, warmth, and medium to high humidity, the bathroom is a great home for it.  Although this is a medium-size plant, it looks great in our small bathroom, tucked against the wall by the bathtub.  It adds so much visual interest with its one-of-a-kind texture, shape and colour, and placed in a simple ceramic pot lets this show stopper really shine.


This little guy screams charm and whimsy and has foliage that resembles a frolicking pod of tiny dolphins – how cute!  The string of dolphins requires medium, indirect sunlight or semi to half shade.  Make sure to use succulent soil if repotting and allow the soil to dry out between watering to avoid root rot. The ideal location would allow the foliage to cascades, such as a hanging basket, macrame hanger, window sill, shelf or plant stand.  I love the look of this adorable little succulent inside the shower but would also look great up on the windowsill beside the philodendron to get more sunlight and to dry out.


Peperomia is a smart choice for beginning houseplant enthusiasts.  Not only are they forgiving plants that can tolerate some neglect, but they come in a large variety of colours and textures between species which means you have a great selection to choose from.  This plant requires medium to bright light to maintain foliage colours and does not require frequent watering (allow the surface of the soil to dry out between waterings).  The peperomia likes a warm, humid environment which means a bathroom is a great location for it.

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