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Raven ZZ

Raven ZZ

Known as the Jungle warrior, Raven ZZ plants are distinguished by their dark, purple-black foliage and named after the blackbird that resembles the crow.  

Although ZZ plants are slow growers, they are considered a plant of steel as they are low maintenance and easy to care for! 


Perfect for the houseplant-mom who already has too much on her plate, the ZZ plant knows all about self-care and is happiest when left alone…well, for the most part! 

Information, Care & Maintenance for Raven ZZ Plant

  • Growth: New growth will be bright lime green, however as it matures the leaves will begin to turn dark with time.
  • Sun: ZZ plants thrive in low-light conditions, making it a suitable plant for an office or poorly lit rooms. Ensure your plant is receiving filtered indirect light.
  • Size: ZZ plants are slow growers and range in height from 1 ½ ‘-3’Keep in mind, the larger you want your plant to grow, the bigger your pot should be to give it space to grow.
  • Water & Soil: When re-potting, ensure you choose a draining soil mix. ZZ plants thrive when watered a small amount. We recommend you water every two weeks in the summer, and only once a month in the Winter. Letting the soil dry out entirely before watering again.
  • Maintenance:  If you are struggling with keeping your ZZ plant alive, the result is likely due to overwatering and root rot. If this is the case, you will notice that the leaves will yellow or begin to fall. At this point, you will want to check that the plant’s pot is providing proper drainage, if not, re-pot and stop watering for 6 weeks or so, until the soil is completely dry. The plant will enter self-preservation mode and will tap into the stored water and nutrients in its roots- you should start to see the regeneration of your plant.

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