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Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine

The Holidays can be such a nostalgic time, bringing us back to when we were little when the magic of Christmas was first instilled in us. Keep that joy close to your heart and alive in your home with a beautiful houseplant Christmas tree- a Norfolk Island Pine!

Native to the small island in the Pacific Ocean located between Australia, New Zealand, and New Caledonia. Norfolk Island Pine flourished in an environment consisting of rocky soil and sandy shores with excellent drainage and full sun. Norfolk Island Pines are not real pines and belong to a prehistoric family of conifers. So how do you create a happy home for your houseplant?

Maintenance & Care for your Norfolk Island Pine: Change with the seasons

Remember that these tropical houseplants, as much as they look like Christmas trees, cannot be planted outside and need to be kept away from cold drafts.

Humidity: Humidity control is essential, as they require high humidity- a pebble tray with water, misting the tree or using a humidifier will help your plant thrive.

Light: Norfolk pine trees will do best if placed in an area that receives several hours of direct, bright light.

Water & Fertilizer: Water your plant when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch all year long and fertilize in the Spring and Summer only, with a water-soluble balanced fertilizer.

Pruning: If you see lower branches dying or browning branch tips you will want to prune these off.

Get creative with your Norfolk pine- decorate this tabletop tree around the holidays, keep the lights on to add a moody glow to your home year-round, or maybe even turn it into a gratitude tree and document sweet moments and memories to be reflected upon at years end.

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