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Winter Greetings

Winter Greetings

I’ve decided to try something new this year. Instead of cringing at the thought of the next six months, I’m going to stop my negative outlook on Winter and try to embrace this season and all that it has to offer. Let’s think about all the things we enjoy during the Winter months; piles of cozy blankets, laying by the fire, comfort food, candles filling our homes with holiday scents, tobogganing, building a snowman, sipping hot drinks and playing board games with friends and family. When you think about all of those fun activities these cold, dark months actually don’t sound so bad.

The term Hygge (pronounced “HOO-gah) has grown in popularity in North America over the last few years. If you aren’t familiar with or you’ve never heard of hygge, it’s the Danish concept of all things warm and cozy, especially during the winter months. According to Denmark’s official tourism website, hygge is “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.” This Scandinavian way of life emphasizes warmth, kinship and an appreciation for the little things. During these cold months, we can embrace and celebrate the indoors by inviting our loved ones into our home, and treating ourselves to some self-care with a good book, warm drink or soak in the tub.

I think all of us could use a little hygge in our lives, especially when the frigid weather sometimes has us cooped up inside, or makes everyday tasks just a little bit harder. I love that this concept embraces all the cozy goodness of winter and focuses on surrounding yourself with family and friends. So let’s do just that!

Here are some ideas to keep the hygge going during these long winter months:

  • Read a good book
  • Cozy up by the fireplace
  • Enjoy good food and good conversation with your closest friends or family
  • Host a sledding party
  • Do an in-home spa day
  • Have friend and family over for a winter bonfire
  • Try a new hot drink
  • Shovel someone’s laneway or sidewalk
  • Try a Winter sport
  • Plan a weekend away
  • Play board games
  • Learn to layer properly and get outside for some fresh air and vitamin D
  • Visit someone who is housebound

I’ve talked about making the inside of our home festive and cozy in the “Home for the Holidays” post, but let’s not forget about the outside. Stringing lights and adding holiday decor to the inside of your house instantly creates a cozy and comfortable environment, so why not do the same for your front porch? If we’re going to be putting the hygge way of life into action this Winter, let’s put together a welcoming front porch to add warmth to our street and for our guests.

Walking up to fresh garlands, arrangements, signs of welcome and strings of lights creates a warm and inviting scene to greet our loved ones when they come to visit. So hop in the car and head over to Anna’s to get all your front porch decorations and so much more!

There are so many fun ways to spruce up the outside of your house for the holidays. Placing urns made of fresh evergreen, birch branches and ribbon instantly adds a finished and welcoming look. This year I’ve decided to change things up by draping fresh garland around my front door and railing, and instead of hanging my lights on the house I’ve strung them in with my garland to add a festive glow for all our neighbours and guests. A front door just isn’t complete without a beautiful wreath hanging on it. Anna’s carries so many artificial and fresh wreaths to choose from, and an endless selection of ribbon to add the perfect touch of colour or sparkle. I’ve selected this fresh evergreen wreath and kept it super simple by adding a piece of ribbon I already had at home.

Adding festive decor to your front porch is another fun way to get into the Christmas spirit and to add a little holiday charm. Anna’s has signs for just about any spot inside or outside your home: little ones to nestle in your wreath, signs that hang, signs made of wood or metal, vintage signs and so much more! Other decorative pieces you can add to your front porch scene include; lanterns at different heights to compliment your Winter planters, festive outdoor pillows and if you have an old plaid throw blanket you aren’t worried about getting wet or snow-covered, drape one over an outdoor chair. Add those cozy textiles and continue the cozy vibes out onto your front porch for everyone to enjoy. Finish off your porch decor with a seasonal doormat, keep it neutral or have fun and pick something bright and cheerful to ring in the best time of the year!


Now, all we need is some snow to really finish off our festive front porch scene. We truly can’t deny how beautiful the landscape and houses look with fresh white powder covering everything, it just adds to the magic that this time of year brings.

So let’s take full advantage of all things cozy and warm this holiday season and adopt that hygge way of life now and for all the months to come!

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