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Creating an Inviting Outdoor Space

Creating an Inviting Outdoor Space

If you ask me, one of the greatest pleasures in life, is enjoying a morning coffee outside while listening to the bird’s chirp and watching the sun rise. Honestly, is there a better way to start the day?

The sunny spring weather we have all been so eagerly awaiting has finally arrived. And we have been spending as much time outside a possible. We are so fortunate, here in the Sun Parlour of Canada, to have gorgeous sunny days for nearly half of the year. When the weather is warm, all the families on our street can be found outside, and the kids bounce from one yard to the next. It really is an incredible neighbourhood.

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However, one of the challenges we face, living in a newer subdivision, is the lack of mature trees. This means we rely on gazebos and umbrellas for shade. Which tends to look a little sterile if you ask me. Luckily, with the help of some trees, flowers, and colourful cushions, it quickly becomes a more inviting place to relax. A place where family and friends alike will congregate throughout the summer. 

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We will be spending so much time outdoors that I like to think of our yard as an extension of our home. I put a lot of effort into working to make our home beautiful, and it only makes sense that for the sunny months, I put that same effort into our outdoor spaces. I’m not going to lie, I am on quite a tight budget, I don’t have endless sums of money to decorate the deck every summer. But a few hanging baskets and plants are really all it takes; they are so transformative.

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We will chip away at the rest of the outdoor projects throughout the season. We still need to paint our back doors, build a privacy wall by the hot tub and add some fencing around our modest garden to keep the bunnies from snatching our harvest.

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As I’ve mentioned before, until recently, I haven’t had much of a green thumb. Pair that with a newer home and you will find that our landscaping is quite barren. The potential is there, but we don’t have the build up from years of returning perennials. Which is something I am working at.

Our front is south facing, so it gets full sun, the plan is to layer up the front garden with hollyhock, chrysanthemums, hydrangea bushes and an assortment of tulips, daffodils. I’m new to gardening, but the plan is to stagger the blooming times so we have some flowers in full bloom during spring, summer and fall.
We currently have a handful of tulips that I planted last year, and the kids are literally out-front smelling and admiring them 3 times a day!

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Had I known a few little flowers would bring them so much joy, I would have planted more! So, we have an empty corner space in the backyard that I have dedicated to making the kids a wildflower garden. The plan is to just fill it with flowers and milkweed to invite the butterflies and bees and give the kids a place to play and enjoy the nature. They love inspecting flowers and turning up rocks to find what tiny creatures have found a home underneath. I want to add lots of painted rocks and treasures and make a tiny white picket fence and a gate to make it feel more like their special place. The hope is that it comes back yearly and is really low maintenance.

Do you plan to spend the long weekend gardening as well? If you do, or if you simply pick up some ready-made baskets, we’d love to see how you transform your space! Tag us in any of your outdoor/gardening posts and together lets share the beauty!

Have the best long weekend!🌷


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