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Calathea Ornata

Calathea Ornata

Given the current environment of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all adapting to this new way of living and plants have become what feels like a necessity in our day-to-day. Whether it’s to add an element of nature into our homes to help calm our anxiety or to simply feel like we have a companion in this time of social isolation.

We all know the joy that is felt when we spend time in nature or walk through a greenhouse, and studies show that spending time around plants correlates with reduced blood pressure, slowing of the heart rate and alleviation of mental exhaustion. Things we all need help with during this uncertain time.

That is why this week we want to introduce you to Calathea Ornata. A tropical houseplant distinguished by its dark green large glossy leaves and its distinctive Pinstripe vein pattern. We also love that the undersides of Ornata’s leaves are a reddish-purple – just adding to its uniqueness!

Similar to that of the well-renowned Prayer plant, Calathea has leaves that rise and fall as the sun rises and sets- similar to that of a person raising their hands in prayer.

Native to Africa, the West Indies, Thailand, Central America, and South America- there are over 300 different types of Calathea plants with multiple hybrids prized for their oval, vibrantly-coloured leaves.

Calathea Ornata Care

Temperature: Between 65 – 75°F (18-23°C)

Light: Bright indirect light


  • Fall/Winter: keep the plant watered, allowing the topsoil to dry out in between waterings. 
  • Spring/Summer: Water when the soil begins to dry to keep the topsoil moist

Humidity: Ensure that the air is not too dry to keep your leaves looking lively. Humidifiers or pebble trays can help to maintain levels of humidity (or keeping your plant in the bathroom!) Misting the leaves daily during summer would also help with this.

Fertilizer: Feed every couple of weeks with diluted balanced 20/20/20 fertilizer (available at Anna’s for $9.99) during growing season (March-September)

Re-Potting: Once every 2 years during spring. Only replace the pot if the plant has outgrown the present one.

Growth Size: 2ft wide x 2ft tall

Non-toxic to cats and dogs.

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