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Joan’s A Keeper: Honey-Kissed Skin

Joan’s A Keeper: Honey-Kissed Skin

A clean, simple and kind skincare and fragrance line that maximizes the extraordinary benefits of honey- introducing Joan’s A Keeper.  Dating back to 1990, Joan, the founder, started making soaps in her Honey Hill Farm kitchen in New Carlisle, Ohio. Noticing that her beehives were thriving, Joan knew she couldn’t let that warm honey go to waste, so she rolled up her sleeves and began to craft recipes. Utilizing the sweet nectar of her bees mixed with natural, locally sourced ingredients; Spring water from an aquifer that flowed beneath the farm, wildflowers and seasonal botanicals from nearby meadows. Joan knew she was on to something!

Inspired by the hard work of the bees, and the happiness that they bring to the world, Joan made it her mission to use only the purest and most wholesome ingredients, resulting in clean products that smell wonderful and feel amazing on your skin. Testing on friends and family, never on animals- Joan’s A Keeper products are Gluten Free, Paraben Free and Petroleum Free!

Although now a retired elementary school teacher – Joan’s story is one that we love, here at Anna’s! The story of a female founder, a steward of 30 beehives, who followed her curiosity and fascination of bees down a fulfilling path with purpose.

Here at Anna’s, you will find the following Joan’s A Keeper products:

  • Body Butter: This rich body moisturizer contains creamy whipped honey and nourishing plant oils that quench dryness while soothing sensitive skin.
  • Body Cleanser: Get nice and clean from head to toe with this simple body cleanser. Joan’s sulphate-free recipe gently softens your skin as you wash, leaving behind a kiss of moisture.
  • Body Lotion: This lightweight body moisturizer sinks in quickly, treating your skin to the softening, nourishing benefits of shea butter and Marula oil.
  • Bubble Bath: Made for Queen Bees in need of a royal soak, Joan’s bubble bath creates a decadent layer of froth that makes even a quick dip feel like a luxury.
  • Gift Sets: For the Queen Bee in all of us in need of a Royal Soak, relax and unwind with this collection of bath must have’s. Joan’s sulphate-free recipes gently soften your skin as you wash, leaving behind a kiss of moisture.
  • Hand Cream: Worker bee hands? Soften them up with Joan’s silky hand cream. Free of silicones but rich in nourishing plant oils. It sinks in fast and leaves your skin velvety, never greasy.
  • Hand Poured Candles: Made with a blend of essential oils and waxes, this therapeutic candle warms your home with a hint of uplifting scent.
  • Hand Soap: Wash up the Joan way with their pure liquid hand soap. Free of harsh ingredients, this wash gets the job done and smells like heaven.

Room & Linen Spray: Refresh your room or your linens with a delicate mist of fragrance. Made with essential oils and pure water, this light scent mist neutralizes stale air and keeps your home smelling fresh.

Soaking Salts: Take a plunge in a sweetly scented bath. Infused with antioxidant green tea and natural essential oils, Joan’s Soaking Salts nourish your skin, soothe your muscles, and help you unwind.

Steamy Shower Mist: Transform your bathroom into a spa escape with this fragrance mist. Made with pure essential oils and water, this spray mingles with the steam from your bath or shower to create a cloud of relaxing scent.

Available Joan’s A Keeper Scents:

  • Clean Rain: is the crisp, refreshing smell of the season’s first downpour.
  • Honey Hill Woods: is the earthy, piney scent of a hike in the forest.
  • Unscented: is just that: pure, clean, and free of fragrance.
  • Warm Honey: is the scent of pure sweetness that wafts off the hives in the summertime.

All Product Details Sourced from: Joan’s A Keeper

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