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A Plant Lovers Gift Guide

A Plant Lovers Gift Guide

4“ Hoya $5.99 | 4” Pot Mustard $19.99 | 6” Lancifolia $19.99 | 6” pot in cream $19.99 | I have more plants than friends picture $34.99

Gosh, I love a nice house plant…or many. It seems to me, the more you have, the more you grow to truly enjoy them.

Yes, they require maintenance and care, but that is precisely why people who love plants, LOVE plants. All that TLC is what nourishes our relationship with them. If we care for them properly, they are so rewarding. It is such a great pleasure to watch a plant grow and flourish. I’m not going to lie, it’s a feeling that is fairly new to me. Until recent years, I treated all plants equally. I watered them and fed them the same, then I would wonder why some would thrive and others would turn yellow or die. It’s easy to overlook the fact that a plant is an individual living, breathing organism. I think once I came to truly respect that, it was then that my love for our leafy friends began.

6” String of Bananas $19.99 | Bear planter $34.99

Houseplants can add so much to our lives. They clean our air, brighten our space and style our homes (they are far cheaper than artwork). And as they grow and prosper, they build our confidence and fill us with pride. Not to mention, they suit any décor style, which is why they make the perfect gift!

Festive planter pot: $14.99 | 4” Swiss cheese plant $9.99

I especially love gifting plants at Christmas because at the end of the holidays, once all the decorations come down, a house can look a little bare. This is a houseplant’s time to shine!

Assorted Audrey Ficus $19.99 – $199.99 | Raven ZZ Assorted Jade $99.99 | Watering Can $39.99 | Pot + Saucer $69.99

I’ve put together a little list of some of our more popular plants and accessories. Any of these would make a great addition to a home.

4″ Ficus Tineke $14.99 | Egg Pot w/Attatched Saucer $12.99

This Ficus Tineke (Rubber Tree) is very easy to care for. Once it has settled into its new environment, it likes bright indirect light and consistent watering. The Tineke is a quite fast-growing plant, and if given a large pot it can grow up to 8 ft! Wouldn’t this make an excellent gift for a teacher or co-worker?

Allow me to also introduce you to Audrey and Jade.

Either of these beauties would make a fantastic gift. Jade is beautiful and easy to care for, making it the perfect plant for beginners. It adapts to most surroundings and requires little watering. To be shamefully honest, when I first got my jade years ago, it was not doing well, and I was so frustrated that I ignored it (gasp!). But that’s when it really began to flourish. Turns out, I was trying too hard, the Jade really doesn’t require much attention at all.

Audrey is also quite easy to care for. An Audrey Ficus likes indirect sunlight, and to dry out in between watering. What’s fun about Audrey is that you can explore your more creative side by pruning it to promote branching and shape it how you like.

Hexagon pot with legs $49.99

Also, it is worth mentioning, that planter pots such as these with legs and no drainage are for decorative use and should not be planted in. When using them, simply keep your plant in the grower’s pot and place the whole thing inside the fancy pot.

Oh man, this list could go on forever, but the last plant I really want to add in here is the Hoya. There are many different varieties of Hoya’s, all unique. Hoya’s have gained popularity among plant lovers in the last couple of years as they are so versatile. They don’t take up a lot of space as they have a very small root system, but they love to hang and trail or climb up a support. 

4“ Hoya $5.99 | 5“ Pot $19.99

Photo Credit: Meagan Adam’s @foreveronfront

Also, it can be tricky (and a fun goal) to have one flower. A flowering Hoya is truly a thing of beauty!

Whichever plants you may decide to buy or gift, this quick houseplant guide may come in useful. It has helped me tremendously, as since working at Anna’s, my plant collection has grown substantially.

Another route to take for gifting to your plant-loving friends is accessories. Because sometimes, you just don’t know what houseplants they already have, but you know their plant game is strong.

This watering can is stunning. It is perfect for someone with a more modern or mid-century style home. It is both beautiful and functional, making it a great gift! And it honestly makes watering plants in hard-to-reach places a breeze.

I just love these little plant misters, they are so pretty! For many plants, overwatering is a big problem, but misting your plants is never a bad idea. Especially in the winter months when the furnace is running and the air is dry. Using a mister is also the perfect way to water your succulents. Again, pretty and functional, you cannot go wrong.

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