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Maple Syrup: blanc par rouGe

Maple Syrup: blanc par rouGe

No matter the season, we are firm believers in going all out for breakfast on Sundays! We’re talking the full spread with pancakes, fresh fruit and 100% pure Canadian maple syrup!

blanc by rouGe offers a delicious line of traditional and non-traditional maple-derived products, all made with 100% pure organic maple syrup from a Canadian family-owned maple grove in Notre-Dame-Des-Bois, Quebec, Canada.

Each maple grove is unique and offers a distinctive flavour due to environmental factors such as soil and types of trees. At Cumberland Maple Products Inc, they truly believe that the environment needs to be respected and protected, with 4 maples groves and 270 000 saps producing a total of 1 million pounds of pure organic maple syrup.

A name you may recognize, rouGe products were mentioned in the media for being included in the gift baskets at the Oscar nominee ceremony five years in a row. Being the first company to offer an “Adopt a Maple” program, in which celebrities would receive the products made from their tree and a certificate of adoption.

Not only does blanc by rouGe offer delicious maple syrup, but an assortment of delicious organic maple syrup-based products like hard candies, jellies and butter! Making their lineup the perfect stocking stuffer, hostess gift, or addition to the table for Christmas morning!

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