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A Time To Gather

A Time To Gather

A big part of what makes this season so special is all the time spent with family and friends. Every year our Christmas break is filled to the brim with events we’re either hosting or attending as guests. Whether it’s a dinner feast, ugly sweater party, kids secret Santa exchange or appetizers and drinks with friends, there’s no denying that December is a busy month. And I AM here for it. I just love how the holidays bring people together.

And while there are plenty of feasts and gatherings throughout the year, a big reason for what sets Christmas apart is the effort we all put forth to make it so extraordinary.

Wicker Basket $49.99 | Santa Jar $19.99 | Santa Plate w/Spreading Knife $24.99

Regardless of what your faith or traditions may be, I think we can all agree that this is the time of year we love with reckless abandon. We empty our own cupboards for strangers in need, we pay for a person behind us in the drive-thru, we go to desperate lengths and efforts to keep belief in our children’s hearts. There is no denying that magic is in the air.

Celebrations carrying such importance deserve to stand out from the rest. Many of us crave picture-perfect settings as a backdrop for our cherished moments. Christmas dinner looks much more impressive than any regular Sunday supper. I picked up a couple of items from Anna’s to create a gorgeous centrepiece. Personally, I love designing something custom to suit my décor and the type of party we’re hosting. Something worthy of this beloved holiday. If you are holding an event of any kind this year, a gorgeous table setting is sure to make guests feel warm, wanted, and full of anticipation for the meal that awaits them. And it is surprisingly quite simple to make.

Gold Charger Plates $9.99

I begin with 2 contrasting garlands. In this case, I used a gold magnolia and juniper leaf garland. If you plan to solely use these items as a table centrepiece, feel free to cut them to size. Also, the magnolia garland has wire in the stems, which is very helpful. Using this, you can change the direction of the leaves from the center pointing outward.

Gold Magnolia Garland $39.99

Gold Magnolia Garland $39.99 | Juniper Leaves Garland $59.99

At the start, it doesn’t look like much but stay with me, once we add in a few sprays, pinecones and flowers, it really takes shape. Trust me, you will be amazed at what you can put together in really no time at all.

Glitzy Cedar Spray $9.99 | Wired Pinecones $0.99 | Flocked 30″ Spray $19.99 | 18.5″ Peony Spray $9.99 | 30″ White Berries Spray $9.99

Normally, for garlands and planters, items look more appealing to the eye in an odd number, but for a centrepiece, I think it’s fine to break that rule. Basically, work from the middle out, and ensure that both sides are somewhat symmetrical.

Once you are happy with how it looks, you can either, leave it for display and disassemble it when you no longer care to have it out. This option is great if you want to reuse the items in another way, but not great if you have children, or need to clear them from the table! Or you can wire it together to create a sturdy showpiece that will last for many years to come. If you choose to wire it together, just be sure that you twist the wires up so the ends don’t scratch your table. 

Normally, we host an extravagant Christmas brunch with my husband’s side of the family. But, this year, with none of them living nearby anymore, that doesn’t really work. So, for the most part, we will be attending events as guests. And we will not show up empty-handed! It is always a nice gesture to bring something for whoever is putting on the event. Whether it’s a nice bottle of wine, or a beautiful Poinsettia, bringing a thoughtful gift will never go unnoticed.

Assorted Poinsettia $5.99 – $29.99

If you are looking for ideas for host gifts, Anna’s has a great selection. I love this wine gift box that comes with fairy lights to serve as decoration after the wine is removed. 

 Lighted Lantern Wine Caddy $39.99

Or these karaoke dice provide a fun activity the whole family can enjoy.

Christmas Karaoke Dice $19.99

I think it goes without saying that the reason behind any gathering is not placed on an object, but more so the thought and love put into it. 

A good deed or donation in someone’s name can be worth more than any object. And if all else fails, simply remember to let loved ones know how much they mean to you. 

Wishing you all, peace, good cheer, full plates and heaps of love!


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