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Greaves Old-fashioned Jams & Jellies

Greaves Old-fashioned Jams & Jellies

There is something about jam and jellies that triggers instant feelings of nostalgia, maybe because of passed down traditions, memories of loved ones spreading it on their toast each morning or simply because of the classic PB & J sandwiches so many of us grew up on. Either way, it's one of those things that we will always reach for to feel a little sense of home.

This week we’d like you to meet Greaves Jams & Marmalades! A sweet family business that dates back to 1927 with William Greaves as the main character set in the quaint town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. Using only the finest fruits, vegetables, sugar and spices, these time-honoured jam recipes are hand-stirred in open stainless-steel kettles still to this day! 

“there’s really no secret to the jam… it’s just jam as it used to be made. It’s nothing but fruit and sugar cooked the way the housewives used to make it. Those were the good old days. Few take the time to preserve Ontario’s produce these days.” -William Greaves (The Sunday Sun, August 27, 1978, By Marilyn Linton)

Located in the Niagara fruit belt, where you will find some of Canada’s richest soil and the Greaves production facitilies – the family sources locally as often as they can, with some outsourcing in the off-season or to ensure mainted quality. With no pectin or preservatives added, rest assured that these Canadian made jams and jellies are nothing but natural, pure, quality goodness. 

So whether you’re looking for a nice mid-day snack to sweeten up your day and get a little energy or to spread some sweetness on your toast the possibilities with jam are endless! 

Here are some yummy recipes to try with your Greaves jar of jam or marmalade:  

“…or simply boil them down to use as a glaze for cakes and tarts! A few tablespoons of peach or apricot jam meltdown with a little white wine or blonde vermouth makes an excellent syrup for fresh fruit salads, too. “ – Mary Ann Greaves (The Sunday Sun, August 27, 1978, By Marilyn Linton)



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    Greaves strawberry jam reminds me of my Mothers homemade jam when I was a young girl in the 1950’s

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