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49th Parallel Coffee

49th Parallel Coffee

Another morning, another pot of coffee! Let’s talk 49th Parallel Coffee this week at Anna’s- a new arrival just in time for the holiday season!

Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters endeavours to sustainably source and craft exceptional coffee. With a mission of making specialty coffee accessible to more people, in more ways, by crafting exceptional direct trade coffee, with intention! 

Known as a technologically advanced roastery with a science-forward approach to the craft, their state-of-the-art roasting facility currently roasts coffee on five different roasters of various sizes and engineering. Carefully collected tools over the years with the intention to highlight different roasting techniques and accentuate different flavour profiles.

Coffee Roasting & Quality Control 

“Roasting highlights the qualities inherent in the green coffee. Coffee is a drupe, a stone fruit and just like grapes for wine, there are thousands of different varieties growing in various regions around the world. No two coffees are the same and the potential for flavour complexity is immense. Our goal as a roaster is to work with individual varieties and express them in a delicious, balanced cup, showcasing each coffee’s unique qualities and characteristics.

Every coffee comes from a farm, and we want to provide the most direct link between our customers and that source. We want the tasting experience to be built around the knowledge of who grew the coffee, what variety, where on their farm, when it was harvested and how it got here.” 

Here at Anna’s, we offer 2 seasonal blends: 

  • Holiday Espresso
  • Holiday Filter 

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