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4" Monstera Swiss Cheese Hanging Basket

Monstera Adansonii, also known as the Swiss Cheese plant is known for it’s large, heart-shaped leaves covered with perforations and it’s love to climb! 

This easy to grow tropical houseplant with origins in Central and South America adds a delicate modern touch to any space. Place it in a hanging planter and train it to trail or add a stake or trellis for upward growth- this plant can tell a beautiful story no matter it’s placement! 


Light: Bright, indirect light

Water: Allow soil to dry slightly between waterings.

Fertilizer: Water-soluble 20-20-20 monthly Spring to Fall. Do not fertilize during winter months. 

Maintenance: Prefer humid environments (Bathroom, Kitchen). Gently mist once a week - in the morning. Prune tips to achieve desired plant shape. Less vigor than counterpart "Monstera Minima" 

Growth: Up to 10' trailing 

Please know that no two plants are alike and the one you receive may not look exactly as shown.

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