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4" Ficus Tineke

If you pay attention to your Rubber Plant’s needs and ensure a happy balance of the light and the moisture of the soil, they can grow anywhere from 6-10 feet tall! This beautiful, glossy-leafed plant is a great houseplant option for any home!


Light: Bright, indirect light.

Water: Water thoroughly. Allow soil to dry in between watering. Ensure adequate drainage.

Fertilizer: Water-soluble 20-20-20 every 2 weeks. Fertilize monthly during Winter months.

Maintenance: Keep away from cool drafts. Plants that do not receive sufficient light will become leggy, lose their lower leaves, and the leaf colour will become dull instead of glossy and vibrant.

Growth: 6'-10' High / 1'-3' Wide

Please know that no two plants are alike and the one you receive may not look exactly as shown.

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  • $14.99
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