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Pampas Grass

Pampas Grass

Every season brings with it a medley of colour, texture and treasured inspiration. Transitioning our interiors to reflect nature's story requires an element of intentionality and curiosity— it means taking the time to pick up on the subtleties of our surroundings, so we can translate what makes a season feel so special within the story of our home. 

As we embrace the golden days of autumn, the rich colour and rhythmic dance of Pampas grass remind us of our love for Essex county drives— pastures of tall dancing grasses and sunset-filled skies. 

Pampas grass—also known as, cortaderia selloana is a beautiful, yet simple addition to any space. Whether real or faux, the fluffy-looking grasses add movement, soft texture, and a relaxing vibe to any space. 

5 Ways to incorporate Pampas Grass into your space: 



1. Simple Statement

Pampas grass doesn't require much to add a textural accent to any space - whether you're looking for height or a shorter tabletop look - simply add real or faux grass to a decorative vase and let it stand on its own. Adored by many on an entry table, at the end of a hallway or as a focal point on a dining table - this simple and subdued look is filling magazine pages and Pinterest boards. 

2. Transition throughout the Seasons

Incorporate Pampas grass into your space year-round. Take a simple statement and transition it through the season by adding a few picks to a vase. Or simply switch out the hue based on the season, sticking with brown/beige warm hues to keep things cozy during Fall/Winter or incorporate bright colours or crisp whites to carry your home through Spring/Summer. 



3. Create a Pampas Cloud 

You've surely seen these fluffy pampas grass wall decor and hanging statement pieces - add this stunning textural element into a nursery, above a dining table, meeting area, or entryway. This look is also adored for decorating at weddings and baby/bridal showers Add this dramatic cloud for stunning texture or to create a focal point in a room.

4. Pampas Wreaths

Welcome guests with a pampas wreath year round or simply in the harvest days of Autumn. You can find pre-made pampas wreaths in a variety of colours or get a little crafty and purchase a wreath frame and use twine, florist wire and a hot glue gun to create the pampas wreath of your dreams! 



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5. Dried Or Faux Floral Bouquets

Whether you are looking to gift a bouquet to a friend/loved one or simply hoping to add a statement to your home - you don't always have to go the fresh floral route! Tie together some dried flowers from your garden or purchased and pair them with pampas grass for a beautifully natural look! 

Have some ideas of your own? We'd love to see your pampas grass creations by tagging us #GotItAtAnnas on social media.

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