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Autumn At the Door

Autumn At the Door

As a crisp cool breeze sweeps across the province, autumn has arrived: knocking on the door. And it seems there is a pull for change, an urge to slow down. To break out the sweaters and scarves and settle in to a good book. To trade in the vibrant and cheerful summer esthetic for some cozy earth tones. I like to bring out my autumn décor in a way that mimics the onset of the season…slowly & subtly.

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The transition to fall is one that comes naturally. And as far as decorating goes, it’s an organic step. Many of us have cleared up space for summer, for a breezier look, and now it’s a simple matter of filling back in. Adding to the atmosphere with things like throw blankets, candlelight, and pinecones. Autumn is about layers. Adding texture in our wardrobes and in our homes.

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With the dusk settling in earlier, the desire to cozy up on the couch is one I’m sure we are all feeling. Throw blankets and cushions are a sure-fire way to add a layer of softness. And Anna’s has an impressive selection of both. Whether you’re looking for tassels or pompoms, macramé or soft cotton, goose down or artificial. We’ve got you covered. For whatever your colour scheme may be, if you are in the market for coziness, look no further.

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Subtle changes like adding in candles effortlessly make a big impact. Candlelight adds so much to the atmosphere of a home.

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And perhaps its time to trade in the scents of cotton breeze and lemon for cinnamon, pumpkin, and orange. During the fall and winter, I like to have both candles and a diffuser on the go. The Swan Creek and Crossroads candles we carry offer so many delightful fragrances, and the lovely thing about a good candle is it gives off a nice, faint aroma even when it isn’t lit. I like to keep one in a central location like my kitchen island or coffee table, as well as in the bathroom. For my diffuser I like to create my own blends. This time of year, I lean towards combinations that include: orange, bergamot, cinnamon, cedar, and vanilla.

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A simple way to make a noticeable change is to trade in any artificial blooms for earthy toned grasses. It’s amazing how something so simple can make such a big impact. If you follow any DIYers or interior designers on social media, you will have likely seen pampas grass used in styling homes already. It’s everywhere. And if there’s ever a time to add it to your décor, let it be in the autumn. (Tip: when you get your pampas grass home, give it a tousle, and spritz with hairspray to prevent shedding.)

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Allow your indoor décor reflect what can be seen outside. This time of year, that is grasses swaying in the wind, dried corn stalks, richly toned fallen leaves and pinecones. Adding any of these into your décor will add a natural layer that brings a synergy between your home and the natural world around you. Anna’s has a huge variety of autumn sprays and garlands, as well as real and artificial pampas grass to choose from.

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If ever you find decorating to be overwhelming, it helps to break it down into sections. Create one small vignette at a time. Group a set of items together. Keep their colours connected and their heights staggered. Depending on where they sit, try to anchor them on a tray or book.

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Or if you prefer a minimalist approach. Let useful items be displayed as décor. Keep your apples in a pretty bowl and choose decorations that can also carry a function. For example, these wooden pumpkins can double as a trivet for your Sunday supper. What a perfect host gift for a Thanksgiving feast!

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Ready or not, the cool, crisp air of autumn is coming. Prepare your fireplaces, break out your slippers and breathe it in.


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    So beautifully well written. Autumn is my most favourite time of year. Thank you for the tips and inspiration. This blog gave me all the feels!

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