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Add delightful vibrancy to your garden when it needs it most – as your summer flowers begin to fade, greet fall with Aster blooms. Distinguished by their daisy-like flowers, their starry-shaped flower heads can be added in rock gardens, wildflower gardens, used as a border plant or the perfect addition for your fall planters!

Asters can be found in a wide variety of colours and sizes, ranging from white and pastel blues and pinks to deep crimson and purple. Known to attract bees and butterflies, Aster assists in providing pollinators with an important late-season supply of nectar. Blooming from August to October, these disease tolerant flowers are an easy addition to any landscape!


Information, Care & Maintenance for Aster

  • Sun: Asters require full sun and will tolerate light shade. Happiest in cooler summer temperatures.
  • Size & Spacing: Asters range in size from 6”-6’ high, with a width, typically ranging from 1-3’. Plan to space your Asters 1-4’ apart based on potential growth size of your selected Aster variety.
  • Water & Soil: Water regularly, keeping the soil moist but not saturated until Asters are established. Adding mulch around the base of your plant to ensure moist soil, and reduce water loss is a great strategy for a happy Aster.
  • Fertilizer: Think of organic mulch as your fertilizer for Aster, as it supplies all of the nutrients your Aster needs. A light application of fertilizer at the start of their growing season can also assist in happy blooms but do not apply fertilizer once your Asters have started blooming as it can shorten the bloom time.
  • Plant:  Asters can be planted anytime between spring and fall. Ideally, you want to avoid planting during the heat of the summer and no later than early fall so the roots will have the chance to develop before freezing temperatures arrive.
  • Maintenance: If you find your Aster is getting a little top-heavy, add a stake for them to lean on and grow against to stay upright. Prune your Aster by pinching back stems, to control plant height, promote bushiness, and encourage blooming throughout the entire season.

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