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Styling your Home with Hanging Plants

Styling your Home with Hanging Plants

Large macrame plant hanger $39.99 | 6" String of Watermelons | Bronze pot $29.99 

There are so many ways to style a home, but in my opinion, styling with plants is the most impactful. Plants are the new art. They are affordable, they work in any style of decor, and they breathe life into your space. If dog is man's best friend, I can say with confidence, that plants are a woman's.

Like many things in life, acquiring plants can easily become an addiction. With open concept living on the rise, or whatever the reason, real estate on your home's floorspace can often be hard to come by. And here to save the day, is the trend of hanging plants! Although, I shouldn't call it a trend, I believe the hanging plant is here to stay.

Woven, plastic lined hanging basket $49.99 | Hoya tricolour basket $49.99

There are so many great options for hanging your plants. If drilling a hole into your ceiling or walls  is out of the question, fear not, there are many other creative ways to showcase these cascading beauties in your home.

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The simplest being an S hook. These can be purchased at any hardware store, and if you feel inclined, they can even be spray painted to match the colour of your hardware in the room. An S hook can be used to hang plants in so many places. For example, we have moulding above our upper kitchen cabinets which provides the perfect ledge to hang a macrame plant from. This string of watermelons thrives when it's close to a bright window, and I love that it isn't too bulky. Air plants are also great for above a sink as the humidity helps to keep them from drying out.

Large macrame plant hanger $39.99 | 6" String of Watermelons | Bronze pot $29.99 

A shower rod is another great location to hang a plant from. Ferns and calatheas do well with humidity and don't require much light, they are the perfect bathroom buddy!

Gold planter pot $49.998" Calathea Rattlesnake $39.99 | Large macrame plant hanger (carries up to 12" pot) $39.99

And I love the added richness a calathea plant offers. A beautiful way to add in some colour.

Another great option for hanging your besties without piercing the walls or ceiling is simply off of an existing curtain rod. 

Large macrame plant holder $39.99 | 8" Golden Pothos $24.99 | 9.5" Taupe herringbone pot $59.99 | Medium macrame plant hanger $29.99 | 4" Calathea $9.99 | Small Grey half moon pot $19.99

For the minimalists, one is probably enough, for the rest of us plant addicts, filling the window with plants in alternating heights is so lovely!

A neat alternative that won't impact your walls or ceiling is by simply screwing a hook to the bottom of a shelf. This is a great idea for sprucing up a home office! With working from home at an all-time high, I love the idea of incorporating plants to the workspace.


Urban Jungle hanging planter pot with plant - prices vary | Large macrame plant holder $39.99 | 8" Golden Pothos $24.99

I will be honest with you, and admit that I have done all of the above hanging tactics, and it still isn't enough. I have holes in my ceiling and my walls where green beauties have taken up residence. And I don't regret it. My advice for hanging plants is this:

- use a pot without a drainage hole so watering day isn't messy. Be careful not to overwater
- invest in a watering can with a long spout, it makes watering sooo much easier.
- don't hesitate to turn a fun basket into a hanging planter! Simply staple some plastic inside and anything can be a planter!

Wall basket $39.99 | 6" Pilea Depressa $14.99

These plants bring me so much joy! If a day comes when I decide they can't stay, a little putty and paint is not a hard task. I say just go for it! Hang with reckless abandon & never look back!

Large macrame plant holder $39.99 | 8" Golden Pothos $24.99

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