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Midnight Paloma: Organic Skin Care

Midnight Paloma: Organic Skin Care

With a new year upon us and the potential for more restrictions, we’re seeking out any and every self-care regimen we can find to help ease our minds and our bodies! 

This week our focus is on small-batch Canadian-made skin and body care with Midnight Paloma. Beauty products made with your future in mind, inspired by clean ingredients and the people that love them – you! 

Midnight Paloma was founded by Tayler Rogers, after using her 12-year retail experience to curate and develop everything Midnight Paloma embodies today: modern design, clean ingredients and self-care rituals.

After co-owning a beauty-focused indie boutique in Vancouver, she transitioned her love of product development and design into a product line of eco-conscious self-care staples.

Dedicated to hero ingredients, Midnight Paloma products are multipurpose-based, thoughtfully curated and most importantly free of chemical preservatives, toxins and are vegan + cruelty-free.

Canadian-made, female-owned and operated. Midnight Paloma strives on creating a connected community that is inclusive, welcoming diversity and focused on the eco-conscious lifestyle.

So why the name Midnight Paloma?

It is inspired by their original hero ingredient: charcoal

Obsessed with charcoal and how it detoxifies the body naturally, founder Tayler used it as inspiration for MP’s original 5-piece collection. ‘Midnight’ came from the dark colour of charcoal + ‘Paloma’ inspired the scent blend, a citrus fresh Blood Orange, Lime, Vanilla + Grapefruit.

Midnight Paloma products available at Anna’s: 

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