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Geogenanthus Ciliatus

Geogenanthus Ciliatus

A new shipment of houseplants has arrived and this deep-purple beauty known as Geogenanthus Ciliatus (jee-oh-je-nan-thus sil-ee-ate-us) is a show stopper! With its unusually thick gem tone foliage, these easy growers will add the perfect conversational piece to your space!

Native to Ecuador and Peru, Geogenanthus can be found growing on the rainforest floor meaning they are happiest when placed less than 3 feet away from a south-facing window. A reminder that it’s always important to understand where your houseplant originates from, so we can try our best to mimic the environment in our homes- from the amount of sunlight to the amount of rainfall.

Sought after for its foliage, the Geogenanthus is bright green when first emerging with a bright purple stripe down the center. Eventually becoming almost all dark purple, with beautiful maroon colouration on the leaves’ undersides.

Care and Maintenance for Geogenanthus Ciliatus:

Light: Low to medium indirect sunlight

Water: Check the soil every few days to make sure it’s moist. Do not let the Geogenanthus Ciliatus plant dry out completely as it prefers to stay on a wetter side.

Soil: Regular potting mix that drains well, such as the African violet potting mixture

Temperature: 50 – 75 degrees F (10 – 23 degrees C). Keep away from cold or drafty doors or windows.

Humidity: Happiest in high humidity environments. 

Fertilizer: In spring and summer with a quality organic liquid fertilizer that is diluted at half strength. 20-20-20 is suggested

Maintenance: Prune in late winter so that your plant has new growth in the coming spring season. Remove any wounded leaves or stems that could potentially host disease over the winter season. 

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