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Inspiration to Grow an Herb Garden

Inspiration to Grow an Herb Garden

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Fresh herbs…they look pretty, smell incredible, and improve our home cooking by a landslide. Yet, many of us buy them at the grocery store. We spend money on that little plastic pouch that we will use approximately 1/3 of, and let the rest sit in the refrigerator until next time – and guess what? By next time its gone moldy. Am I right? You know I am. So let me convince you why you should grow your own!
Growing an herb garden is so simple, you do not need to have a green thumb to do this. And the benefits of having a selection of herbs at your disposal are plentiful!

With one trip to Anna’s, you can obtain everything you need. Whether you’re starting from seed, buying an already established plant, or a premade herb planter – we carry herbs for all levels of gardeners.

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Might I add that the premade herb planters make for great host or housewarming gifts. Who wouldn’t want something beautiful, fragrant & functional!?

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Fresh herbs add flavour to our favourite dishes and make for impressive garnishes too. What’s a roast chicken without fresh thyme and sage? Or pasta sauce without oregano and basil? These flavours can be incorporated into your dishes in so many different ways.
When making sauces, stews or soups, a bouquet garni (herb bundle) is probably the most effective way to add flavour. Just let it simmer away for hours and your dish will be transformed!

Fresh herbs - prices vary

Another great way to use fresh herbs is to make herb butter. I love using this technique for roast chicken. I mix fresh thyme, sage, parsley, and lemon with butter and use it as a rub under the skin. This keeps the roast chicken nice and moist and adds so much flavour. Yum!

Herbed butters are great for so many dishes...roasted potatoes, garlic bread, fish...the list goes on and on. And the best part is, you can make a big batch and freeze it. Simply cut off a hunk whenever needed. If you are on Instagram, I highly recommend following thomas_straker for his deliciously satisfying butter creations. He makes everything look so simple and delightful! Infused butters are a great way to experiment with different herbs and edible flowers. And they make an impressive statement on your table simply sliced and served with fresh bread! For this herb butter I used thyme, parsley and sage with edible petals from pansies, marigolds and begonia tuberous. It's almost too pretty to eat!

Or, if you aren’t a culinary master. Herbs are a sneaky way to make store bought dishes look authentic! 😉 Spaghetti with frozen meatballs and sauce from a jar looks much more impressive when served with a pretty basil garnish on top.

And the same goes for beverages. Regular lemonade is elevated when a sprig of thyme or lavender is added to the glass. And while we’re on the topic of beverages, lets take a moment to appreciate the Mojito. This drink alone is reason enough to grow mint. Come on, how quenching would this be on a hot day?!

While a mojito is probably the first drink that comes to mind when referring to herbed drinks, any cocktail or beverage can be enhanced with the addition of herbed simple syrups. Simmer equal parts of sugar and water with your herb of choice and add this to whatever’s in your glass! Drinks that really lend to this are vodka soda and gin & tonic. Fun cocktails & mocktails are definitely a great way to impress guests this summer!

Herbs have many uses beyond recipe ingredients as well. Herbal baths are an excellent way to restore and relax the body. Soaking in a hot tub infused with herbs is a great way to soothe sore muscles and decompress after a long day. To learn more on this you can read my older post Soak it up with a Nourishing Herbal Bath. I promise, once you try this, you will find a way to incorporate it into your routine as often as possible. Herbal baths are so luxurious and once you grow your own herbs, they don’t cost a thing!
Did you know that growing lavender repels bugs and keeps deer from snacking on your garden greens? Or that thyme has antiseptic properties? And that rosemary is considered a superfood? The benefits of growing herbs are countless. Whether you keep them in pretty pots on your counter, or in a garden bed outside – once you grow your own herbs, you will never have to face the disappointment of rotten herbs in the crisper again! So let's all freshen up our lives with the help of an herb garden!

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