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Houseplants for the “Not so Green Thumb”.

Houseplants for the “Not so Green Thumb”.

Put your hand up if you love house plants!!

Adding houseplants to your home can instantly brighten up your living space, giving it an all-round fresh and warm feeling. But not all of us were born with a green thumb. I myself have to work really hard at caring for my house plants. I AM constantly overwatering or forgetting about them altogether. So if you’re like me and don’t think you’re born with a green thumb but still would like to try out your luck at being a plant mom, there are some great plants to start with.


If there was a prize for the easiest plant to take care of I think a snake plant (also known as mother-in-law‘s tongue) would definitely win the prize! These plants can be neglected for weeks at a time and survive in very low light.

They are definitely my favourite beginner plant. Its long green spikes are the perfect green touch to any room with a mid-century modern vibe.


The ZZ plant with beautifully thick, waxy green zigzag leaves adds vibrant colour to any room without being too high maintenance. Not only can this cool-looking plant survive with very little sunlight it’s also drought resistant which makes it a very easy plant to maintain.


This is a very popular plant right now, also known as the Swiss-cheese plant. The monstera is an excellent way to make your home feel like a tropical paradise. As an added bonus, its beautiful dark green leaves help purify the air.


Sago palm is another interesting plant. It’s very hearty and looks like it belongs somewhere in California. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a palm tree as part of your decor, look no further, you’re on your way to Beverly Hills!


The peace lily is a plant that doesn’t need a ton of attention and it loves the shade. They do grow well in low light but require the sun for flowering. As soon as the peace lily’s beautiful long green leaves start to droop, you will know it’s time to water.


Anthurium plants have beautiful big pink flowers, handle low light well but need to be watered often. These are still easy-to-care-for plants and will brighten up any room in your home with their beautiful color!


Pothos is also known as the devil’s ivy and can grow in even the worst conditions. It is a perfect low light plant that’s easy for growing indoors.


Let it grow on a tabletop or into a full leg tree. This cute little Dr. Seuss like plant can survive in almost any light! This plant only needs to be watered every couple of weeks, so you don’t have to worry if you forget it for a while.

If these plants still feel too much to care for, or your schedule just doesn’t allow the time, artificial plants are not like they used to be…at Anna’s we have a gorgeous selection of artificial plants!

10 out of 10 chickens can’t tell the difference!!! We also have beautiful succulents that even this chicken thinks are real. I love to have fresh eucalyptus and living plants in every room but using fresh foliage in every room is not always realistic. I use some faux greenery throughout my home to keep everything looking green and wonderful all year long.

With most of us spending a lot of time at home right now, adding that little touch of green could be just what you need to cozy and brighten your living space while freshening your air! Visit Anna’s (curb side available) to bring the warmth of plants into your home!  ❤️ 

Till next time!🐓

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