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Ficus Audrey

Ficus Audrey

Whether you are trying to keep up with the latest Joanna Gaines favourites and finds or are an avid houseplant collector, the new “it” plant has arrived here at Anna’s! Meet the Audrey Ficus, a stunning and substantial addition to any room- that already comes with a name!

Loved for its velvety oblong-shaped leaves with contrasting veining and white trunk, the Ficus Audrey is native to India, where according to legend is the type of tree under which the Buddha sat for 49 days to achieve enlightenment.

A close relative to the renowned Fiddle Leaf Fig, it acclimates well to new spaces and is less finicky when it comes to water needs, plus it doesn’t require quite as much light. 

Care & Maintenance Instructions for the Ficus Audrey:

  • Light: Bright, indirect light. Ideally placed in an eastern facing window.
  • Water: When the top 2-3″ of soil is dry, water until liquid flows through the drainage hole and empty any water that has accumulated in the saucer to avoid root rot. Allowing the soil to dry more than a few inches will lead to leaf loss. Alternatively, too much moisture in the soil can lead to root rot and also cause leaves to drop.
  • Humidity & Environment: Ficus Audrey prefers a humid environment that sits at a temperature between 60°-80° F. A pebble tray or mist frequently is greatly appreciated by this plant.
  • Food: Feed once a month during the spring and summer with a general all-purpose liquid fertilizer for indoor plants.
  • Pruning: Be careful of the milky latex substance that may leak out where cuts have occurred – this is a mildly toxic irritant.
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