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Citrus Plants

Citrus Plants

Fresh off a Florida truck, citrus plants have arrived at Anna's! Choose from a variety of lemon, lime and grapefruit bearing trees that are not only prolific fruit producers, but offer blossoms that are incredibly fragrant and beautiful!

Yes, growing citrus plants at home is possible, and you don't even have to live in a sub-tropical area to grow your very own fruit! With the introduction of dwarf citrus plants - we're now able to enjoy a taste of the citrusy tropics at home!

Choosing a space indoors:

Citrus plants require at least 6 hours of sunshine a day year-round. Ensure that your plant isn't near drafty windows/radiators because they are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

Choosing a space outdoors:

Move your plant to a sunny outdoor location once daily low temperatures remain above 50F. Citrus trees need natural day/night temperature fluctuations in order to bloom. Start the tree in a shadier spot for a few days before moving it into full sun to reduce the risk of leaf burn/shock. Monitor watering needs as the soil will dry out more frequently outdoors.

Care and Maintenance for Citrus Plants:

Light: Bright, indirect light 

Water: Keep soil evenly moist. Ensure adequate drainage. Establish a schedule of deep waterings, leaving time in between for the soil to dry a bit. Ensure pot has drainage holes as Citrus plants don't like wet feet. Enjoys high humidity levels (pebble tray/humidifier) 

Fertilizer: Citrus trees love acidic soil and prefer fertilizers with high nitrogen levels. Look for a fertilizer specifically formulated for citrus as it will likely include supplemental zinc, iron, and manganese—nutrients the plant also needs. 

Maintenance: Self-pollinating - only need one tree to bear fruit. Keep outdoors in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Bring indoors when temperatures drop below 10C / 50F. 

Pests: Every so often examine the leaves for white scale insects or spider mites, taking care to check the undersides of leaves. Try not to let dust accumulate on your plant. Occasionally wipe the leaves clean with a microfiber cloth.

Growth: 4-8' tall / 1-4' wide

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