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KefirKult | Water Kefir

KefirKult | Water Kefir

As the weather continues to warm up (we hope) this spring, we always find ourselves with a renewed sense of energy and life! Coming out of a long winter we are ready to MOVE, and embrace nature and the fresh air! Taking care of our bodies by making sure we're drinking plenty of water and getting our recommended vitamins and minerals is vital in making the most of our days!

So this week we're discussing delicious probiotics by introducing you to KefirKult! A vegan, organic, healthy and Canadian Water-Kefir drink! Specialty water that promotes gut health and immunity.

What Is Kefir?

Kefir’s tart and refreshing flavour is similar to a drinking-style yogurt, but it contains beneficial yeast as well as friendly ‘probiotic’ bacteria found in yogurt. The naturally occurring bacteria and yeast in kefir combine symbiotically to give superior health benefits when consumed regularly. It is loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals and contains easily digestible complete proteins.

What are the ingredients of Water-Kefir? 

Filtered Drinking Water

+ Organic Cane Sugar

+ Water Kefir Cultures

+ The flavoring of the respected drink

Peach Natural Concentrated Peach 

Cherry - Natural Concentrated Tart Cherry

Lemon Natural Concentrated Lemon 

Do these symptoms sound familiar? If so, it's time to introduce some probiotics into your diet!
KefirKult is packed with gut-balancing LIVE probiotics that will restore your gut and help reduce some of these common symptoms.

Regular consumption of Kefir has been associated with

  • improved digestion and tolerance to lactose
  • antibacterial effect
  • hypocholesterolaemic effect
  • control of plasma glucose
  • anti-hypertensive effect
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • antioxidant activity
  • anti-allergenic activity

... and the list keeps on going

About the Founders: 

Founded by Hudson Liao & Lisa Tran of Toronto in 2018. They believe that great health starts with what you put into your body. That's why they strive to make kefir with quality, clean, Non-GMO ingredients. For you, this means an excellent tasting probiotic drink that promotes optimal gut health

Just a quick few points about Hudson & Lisa:

- Subject matter experts in the field of microbiology and biochemistry

- Previous experience in the pharmaceuticals industry working with high level manufacturing processes

- Passionate about the brand and their love for healthy eating

- They go above and beyond to promote what they believe in and understanding what their consumers want

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