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Bring Life to your Décor with Colour!

Bring Life to your Décor with Colour!

26" Artificial Olive tree $39.99 | 10" Raven ZZ $69.99

For nearly a decade, neutral colour schemes have dominated décor. We’ve painted our walls white and purchased colourless furniture so as to play it safe. It seems that only in recent years, bold designers such as Justina Blakeney have taken the reigns. This, paired with the influx of DIYers flooding social media and making brave changes, is leaving many of us with a desire to add some excitement to our own living spaces.

I’m definitely one of these people. I am just itching to add some fun personality to our new home! I’ve always gravitated to a cooler colour scheme of blues and greens, but I’ve got to say, I am LOVING all of the warm pinks and terra cotta trends I am seeing. And I think if I try to achieve an earthy pallet or theme, I can perhaps have both.

While I’m not ready to start painting or wallpapering the walls just YET, what I can do is start adding in accessories that lend to the look I’m aspiring toward. And I know Anna’s has lots of what I’m looking for. Their selection of home décor has me wanting to spend my pay cheque every time I’m in there! Right now I'm loving all the Bohemian style candle holders and knick knacks. Merchandizing at a place like Anna’s is a dream. But let me tell you – it is a dangerous job! Every week I see so much gorgeous product, and I just want to bring it all home! Sometimes, it feels as though I’m simply working to support my habit. But I’m fine with that (as long as my husband doesn’t notice 😉).

Tapered candles sticks (2 pk) $12.99 | Jewel tone candle holders $7.99 & $9.99

Buddha sandstone candle holder $14.99 | Jewel tone tealight candle holder $19.99 | Artificial succulents - prices vary | Small driftwood $1.99

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Throw blankets and cushions are a great place to start when you want to change up your décor. They add texture and take up a considerable amount of real estate – so they make a pretty big impact. I am loving all of the mixed patterns and bold colours I’m seeing.

Throw cushions $39.99, $49.99 & $59.99

For our home, I’m dreaming up a bold colour scheme of deep greens, turquoise & mustard with lots of gold and a splash of deep burgundy! Sounds absolutely outrageous. And I love it! It’s completely different from any style I’ve had in the past. I’ve always played it safe with more muted neutral colours, which there is completely nothing wrong with! But, now that this is our forever home, I want to put my mark on it. My inspiration stemmed from the deep colours in this gorgeous rattlesnake calathea. Isn't it stunning?!

6" Rattlesnake calathea $19.99

Buddha planter pot $39.99 | 30" artificial hanging hops bush $19.99 | Jewel tone tealight candle holder $19.99 | Small vase $4.99

When playing with colour adding black is also important to factor in. Adding in some black via picture frames, cushions or accessories will help ground the room. Think of it as the glue that ties everything together.

Matte black candlestick holder $39.99

While I’d love to take a leap and add bold wallpaper, that just isn’t feasible when we are planning to renovate in a couple years. So, until then, I’ll do what I can to collect accessories and fixtures that suite the style I’m after and can bring along post reno.

Green footed pot $39.99 | 4" Dracaena Marginata $9.99

Despite whatever preconceived notions we have about our homes, they don’t have to be perfect to have style. If we curate things that speak to us and bring us joy, that feeling will be reflected in our homes. I want our home to feel warm, eclectic and a little silly. I’m not after perfection – just fun. Beautiful and at times, senseless fun!

Large Green glass vase $49.99 | Eucalyptus Bush $14.99 | Yellow Woollyhead Spray $3.99  | Off-white Sandstone vase $14.99

This style obviously isn’t for everyone. But my hope is that reading about my wants and décor desires inspires you to do the same. That you take some time to reflect on the feeling of your own homes. Does its vibe match the feeling you’re after? If the answer is yes, be proud of yourself and the beauty you’ve created! However, if like many of us, you are still aspiring to make your house a home, come gather some inspiration from the fantastic home selection Anna’s has to offer!

Happy decorating friends!



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    What a wonderful post this was. You have inspired me to tweak my design.

    Thank you and have a great day.

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