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Alocasia & Colocasia: Elephant Ears

Alocasia & Colocasia: Elephant Ears

Looking to add a dramatic focal point to your home- look no further than the tropical collector’s plant- Elephant Ears! Distinguished by their leaf shapes varying in slim arrowheads to wide heart-shaped leaves. These stunning jewels are known to be water-loving plants and add the perfect exotic touch to planters and big pots as they thrive in the summertime and can be brought inside for the Winter. This week we will focus on two varieties of Elephant Ears: Alocasia and Colocasia!

Alocasias are fast growers and are known for their colourful veins and variety of leaf textures ranging from thick, waxy, slick and glossy. You will be able to differentiate this plant when you see its leaves pointing towards the sky, standing in a horizontal direction.

Alocasia Information & Care Instructions: 

Size: Range is based on variety from 2’ tall and 2’ wide to 15’ tall and 8’ wide.

Sun: Bright Indirect light (needs vary from shade to full sunlight based on variety).

Water: Let the top few inches of soil become nearly dry before watering. Keep the plant evenly moist, but not soggy year-round.

Soil: Loose, well-drained potting mix or crumbly loam.

Temperature: Need temperatures above 60°F, they thrive in humid conditions. If you do not have a humid environment for your Alocasia, you can place it on a tray filled with pebbles and then add water until it rises to just below the bottom of the pot. Keep Alocasia away from cold drafts from windows, doors and air conditioning.

Fertilizer: Feed with water-soluble 20-20-20 general purpose fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season.

Potting: Re-pot Alocasia annually into larger pots with fresh, free-draining potting soil. Spring and Summer are when you will see growth.

Available Alocasia varieties at Anna’s Garden, Home & Wellness include:

  • Alocasia “Low Rider”
  • Alocasia Calidora “Elephant Ear”
  • Alocasia California “Dwarf Elephant Ear”

Colocasia also offers dramatic foliage but with soft velvety foliage ranging anywhere from purplish-black, green or green/white variegated. Known for its droopy leaves that point toward the ground they add a touch of the tropics to any area but are spectacular as a pond plant!

Colocasia Information and Care Instructions:

Size: Range is based on variety from 3’ tall and 2’ wide to 10’ tall and 10’ wide.

Sun: Filtered sun or part shade.

Water: Require regular watering, keep evenly moist- water daily on hot summer days.

Soil: Organically rich, moist to wet soils.

Temperature: Growth is best at temperatures between 68 – 86 °F. Colocasia can be damaged if temperatures fall below 50 °F for more than a few days. They require high humidity- use a humidifier or elevate slightly with a layer of rocks or pebbles between the pot and the saucer.

Fertilizer: Feed with water-soluble 20-20-20 general purpose fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season.

Potting: When growing inside, be sure to choose a fairly large pot.

Available Colocasia varieties at Anna’s Garden, Home & Wellness include:

  • Colocasia “Black Magic”

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