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Making Your House A Home With Anna’s!

Making Your House A Home With Anna’s!

Anna’s has evolved and grown from a roadside stand to what it is today and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. From our regular customers to our new visitors, we are so very thankful to all of you for all your love and endless support.  We’re always brainstorming ideas and ways to get this wonderful community involved in all the things we love here; our workshops, wellness events and all things plants and home.  

As we have grown throughout the years, we have slowly become so much more than just plants and flowers.  We hope that Anna’s comes to your mind as soon as you think of home décor, local produce, specialty items and wellness products. Our goal is to provide unique, quality items that suit the style and needs of as many of you as we can, so you’re not only filling your bellies full of fresh veggies from our produce table, but also adding special touches of Anna’s in and around your home.  

We are so excited about all the new home décor items we have received this past season and for what’s to come this fall and winter.  There are so many fun ways to add visual interest to your space, and we hope that we’ve provided you with ideas and products that help you achieve a cozy space that showcases your personal style.

Here are some ways we have incorporated products found right here at Anna’s into our space to make it warm and welcoming.

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  It’s where we all seem to gather, probably because that’s where the food is.  Having guests always involves food and drink, so it just makes sense that we all graze and chat in the kitchen.  Decorating with practical items that we use every day only makes sense since the kitchen can be a messy place and we always need to utilize the counter space to the fullest.  Thank goodness there are so many beautiful, well-made kitchen gadgets and items to choose from these days.  

We love decorating with cutting boards by leaning them against the wall in layers.  This not only creates and adds visual interest and texture, but it means quick, easy access when you’re prepping for dinner or guests.  With charcuterie platters becoming so popular these days, you can never have too many cutting boards in all shapes and sizes.  Every kitchen needs a dish towel or two. We carry beautiful towels to suit those of you who love a good neutral and those of you who love a pop of colour and pattern.  Adding in a fun dishcloth is a great way to add style, colour and pattern to your kitchen.

Anna’s has a great kitchen section that not only houses a variety of cutting boards, but we also have hosting platters and dishes for just about everything you can think of.  We also carry a large selection of sauces, dressings, jam, coffee and tea.  The Piper & Leaf artisan tea is the perfect choice for sipping on while you read a book or when you have friends over.  The Orchard Peach and Summertime Chai are our two favourites right now.  

One of our favourite spots to sip a hot tea or coffee is in our living room.  With the sunshine pouring in the front window we can sit and watch neighbours walking by, birds fighting for a spot on the feeder and the gentle breeze blowing through the trees.  Creating a cozy living room space that you feel comfortable and content in is so important.  Next, to the kitchen I think most of us spend our evenings in the living room; playing games, watching TV or visiting with friends and family.  There are so many ways to make your living room feel comfortable and homey. We love adding in textured throw pillows, a tasselled throw blanket or two, prints, family photos, books and of course plants.  Our selection of throw pillows and blankets has grown and we couldn’t be more excited, we have a slight obsession with these two things, and for good reason.  Changing up or adding in either of these items can quickly and easily change the style and feel of your space without doing expensive renovations.  

The bathroom can sometimes be forgotten and usually isn’t at the top of the list to decorate.  With the vanity, toilet and shower or bathtub taking up the majority of the room, it’s an easy space to decorate.  Add in a cute rug, some plants and some fun pots, and you’d be amazed at how quickly your space comes to life.  Finishing off little corners of your home with plants makes a world of difference, and in our opinion, plants make everything better!

These beautiful summer days we’ve been having has only made us want to be outside even more, especially after that super humid heatwave we had.  Spending time in our backyard has been one of our favourite things to do this season.  We’ve been sprucing up our patio set, adding in some new trees and of course, making our covered patio area extra cozy with an outdoor rug, lots of plants and all the comfy textiles we can get our hands-on.  This covered porch space is so lovely to have, being sheltered from the elements means it’s a cool shady spot for relaxing, and it also means decorating with things that are typically only meant for inside use.  Being able to use items from inside the home out on our covered porch makes it feel like an extension of our indoor space, which is such a bonus.  If you’re looking to revamp your deck or front porch, Anna’s has you covered. We carry a great selection of outdoor rugs, throw pillows and of course plants and pots to bring your outdoor space to the next level.

We can’t wait to see how you’ve added little pieces of Anna’s throughout your home!  Please tag us on social media using #WelcomeToAnnas

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