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A Welcoming Winter Porch

A Welcoming Winter Porch

I always like to dress up my front entrance as it is the first impression people will have of my home. The front porch is an area that can hold a big impact – and honestly, it’s pretty simple to decorate. With all the commotion of moving, our front exterior is an area which sadly has been overlooked until now. I’m going to give it a quick and easy makeover!


The front steps to our new home is an area that needs a lot of TLC. It doesn’t have railings, the concrete is cracking, and well…it just looks a little sad. All the more reason to dress it up! Just because I can’t afford to do all the things, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do any. In fact, a few pretty items will perhaps distract the eye from catching all the other unsightly areas. A home doesn’t by any means have to be perfect for us to take pride in it. A little effort goes a long way. If I’m being honest, at the beginning of this task I was feeling pretty discouraged. Our previous house was newer, and photos seemed to work out so effortlessly. I took the before picture of the porch here and wondered how on earth I was going to make this blog worthy. But, like most things in life, a little work paid off! I'm so happy I put in the effort.

Swags: $49.99 & $79.99 (all prices vary)

25' Mixed Garland $34.99 | 10" Round Winter Planter $39.99Custom Swag $79.99 | Grapevine Tree $49.99 (currently on sale for additional 50% off)

A rug and some greenery did wonders! The little covered part of the entrance looked very dingy and drab, the garland helps to breathe some life into it and freshen it up. Plus, guests will be welcomed with that fresh pine scent when they enter. I don’t know about you, but when I smell pine, cedar and fir, all those magical Christmas memories from my childhood all come flooding right back.

I couldn’t resist adding these grapevine deer to the scene. I dressed them up with some flannel ribbon and they are a perfect addition. Just what I need to draw the eye up from the crusty corners of the doorway!

Grapevine Deer $79.99, $129.99 (currently on sale for additional 50% off) | Bows: pricess vary

These wooden trees look great on a porch too! And they can be left natural, or if you’re the crafty type, they could easily be stained or painted to suit your décor. 

Wooden Trees: $39.99-$59.99 (currently 50% OFF)

To accessorize and add a little something extra, I hung these country style grapevine orbs. The shop has so many fun accessories to choose from: a variety of hanging orbs, snowflakes & stars, grapevine trees with fairy lights, and signs. All of which would be lovely additions to any front porch! 

Grapevine orbs $59.99 (currently on sale for additional 50% off) | 25' Mixed Garland $34.99| Eucalyptus wreath $69.99 (currently on sale for additional 50% off)

And of course, a holiday porch makeover isn’t complete without greenery from Anna’s. The talented staff continue to create the most gorgeous selection of planters, wreaths, and swags! Whether your style is glitzy, rustic, traditional or neutral, you can certainly find something made in house to suit your needs.

Winter Planters: Prices Vary

Eucalyptus Wreath $69.99 (currently on sale for additional 50% off)

This didn't take long at all, and I am so happy with how it turned out. Setting a little time aside to make your home a reflection of you is always worthwhile.


    Posted by Annie Walters on

    Your porch looks beautiful!! You have worked wonders & you make it all look & sound so easy.

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