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A Day In The County: Fall Edition

A Day In The County: Fall Edition

Happy October!  We’re officially in the heart of Fall with a month that’s full of pumpkin patches, apple picking, Thanksgiving and Halloween.  We’ve been getting so many things checked off our Fall bucket list and we can’t wait to get back out for some more festive fun.  Since having our daughter, these trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard have become something I really look forward to.  Starting a tradition around each holiday is so special to me, especially now that we have our own little family.  But I can remember joining these fun outings as an auntie before I had kids, and I always appreciated being included in these special memories.  So make sure you extend an invitation to your family and friends because these traditions can be made even more special with your child’s grandparents, aunts and uncles.  Even if apple orchards or pumpkin patches aren’t your things, go, I think you’ll be surprised by how much fun you’ll have and spending time with family or friends is always a great time!

Our drives through the county have been getting more and more colourful with the changing leaves and seeing everyone’s porches decked out with mums, pumpkins and spooky ghosts have our holiday spirit at an all-time high.  We truly are blessed to live in an area that offers so many wonderful destinations and activities that the whole family can enjoy.  Whether you’re looking to get out for some fresh air and exercise or spend a morning or afternoon picking apples or selecting the perfect pumpkins, Essex County has just what you’re looking for.

Every season I love putting together bucket lists full of activities and outings to do at home and around town.  I had so much fun coming up with our Fall bucket list this year and we’ve been having a blast checking things off these past few weeks.  Make sure your list is a combination of simple things you can do at home (like getting cozy and watching a festive movie) and destinations to get out of the house (like picking apples at Thiessen’s).  Each season offers so many opportunities for making special memories with the people you love, so get out and soak up all your seasonal favourites! There’s still time to create your own Fall bucket list, so grab a piece of paper and a pen and start brainstorming, or use the bucket list I’ve created to get you started!

Fall Bucket List

  • Watch Hocus Pocus
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Apple picking
  • Carve pumpkins
  • Roast pumpkin seeds
  • Read Halloween books
  • Decorate front porch
  • Trick or Treat
  • Diffuse a Fall blend
  • Decorate the house
  • Watch a spooky movie’
  • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Make Halloween costumes

Bundling up and getting out for a refreshing walk or run is great for your body and your mind.  Sometimes the scenery can get a little boring and repetitive so change things up and go for a stroll down the Chrysler Greenway. Since moving to Kingsville, the Greenway has been one of my favourite things about this County.  I love that there is a designated path for cyclists, runners, walkers, horseback riders and even cross country skiers, that runs 42 km from Old Castle to Leamington. I also love that this path encourages its residents to get outside and move their bodies!  Staying active at all ages is so important and getting out for fresh air with the whole family is one of my top priorities.  We’ve been spoiled with my husband’s parents living right off the Greenway, whenever we go over to visit we usually end up going for an evening walk with all the dogs and all the cousins.  Bike rides to grandma and grandpa’s house are made easy, we simply hop onto the Greenway and we’re there in 15 minutes.  So don’t forget to take advantage of this beautiful path, take in all the natural beauty that surrounds you and keep an eye out for wildlife that might surprise you!

Fall just isn’t complete without a trip to Thiessen’s Apple Orchard.  Not only is it a full, fun day for you and your kids, but you can come home with a bag full of some of the best, freshly picked apples around, and a yummy apple pie.  Thiessen’s has become more than just an apple orchard, it’s become the ultimate local Fall destination, and is definitely one of my favourite spots to visit during the months of September and October.  With its a corn maze, farm animals, haunted house and fun acre you can easily spend a few hours there and make a day out of it. After lots of running around, apple picking and playing, stop for a bite to eat at the Kountry Kitchen.  There are so many delicious options to choose from like; sausage on a bun, caramel apples, French fries, nachos and caramel corn, but the traditionalist in me just feels like you have to get a slice of warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream when you go to an apple orchard.

Another great local spot we love to go to every Fall is Allsop Pumpkin Farm.  I love that they have created a fun spot for families to come to that offers a place for your kids to play.  They have fun activities like a corn maze, playground, hay bale pyramid and many other small games.  Don’t forget to grab an apple cider slushy while you’re there too!

Supporting as many local businesses is something that I love to do, and Kingsville and surrounding areas are filled with so many unique restaurants, shops, markets and destinations that are family owned and operated.  So let’s take advantage of all these cool, sunny, fall days before they quickly turn to cold, snowy winter ones.  Get out and enjoy all the amazing things Essex County has to offer!

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