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The Warm Heart Mug

The Warm Heart Mug

There is something so special about taking a quiet moment with your coffee or tea – some time to breathe, reflect or maybe just to slow down. Whether it’s how you start your day, or what helps you unwind at the end of it – comfort can be found in filling your mug to the brim and snuggling in.

This week we wanted to share The Warm Heart Mug collection, a unique variety of stylish drinkware that uplifts with its neutral and pleasing aesthetic. Whether you are looking to incorporate a new attitude or mindset into your daily life or you have been hoping to express an element of love or gratitude towards another- The Warm Heart Mug delivers just that!


Available Warm Heart Mugs at Anna’s Garden, Home & Wellness:

  • Thankful – the perfect gift for a teacher, caregiver, friend or family member.
  • Grateful – the perfect gift for a loved one, sister, daughter, mom.
  • Courage – the perfect gift for a patient, survivor, friend going through grief/loss.
  • Happiness – the perfect gift for someone who lights up your life, or for yourself as a reminder to seek happiness in every day.
  • Joyful – the perfect gift for the one that adds joy to your days, or as a reminder for oneself to find joy despite the hard days.
  • Love – the perfect gift for your other half, for a newly engaged couple or an anniversary gift.
  • Compassionate – the perfect gift for those that have shown you compassion, for those that you wish to show compassion but are struggling with words or for people who must show compassion in their daily work – people dealing with loss/grief/hardship, nurses/doctors/public safety workers.
  • & more...


The perfect gift- that warms hands and heart, this mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and adds a meaningful message with every sip. So whether it’s getting cozy on the couch to take in the latest Netflix must-see in the Winter, or sitting outside on the porch soaking up the last rays of Summer- hold a Warm Heart mug in both hands for a ritual of calm. Cheers to you!

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