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Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Gift Wrapping Inspiration

Merry Christmas Ornament $7.99 | Ribbon (50 yards) $19.99
Have you waited until this week to wrap your holiday gifts? Are there mountains of packages piling up? I don’t know about you, but I could hardly get to the clothes in my closet with all the boxes and bags in the way. Every year I get my shopping done early but save the wrapping for the last minute. And every year I say next year I will be better! But today, I plan to break the cycle and wrap them all!  Or at least, get a good start on it.
“A real-life look behind the scenes”
My hope is that this inspires you to do the same. Because there’s nothing worse than saving it all till the last night and spending your Christmas Eve slaving away and stressed out. Gift wrapping is not something to take lightly!
Pom Pom Garland $19.99
So tonight, when you have some time to yourself, I highly recommend that you make yourself a nice drink, put on some festive music or a movie and grab your scissors and tape! I promise, when wrapping isn’t saved for the last minute, it is actually quite therapeutic. And the outcome is far better when you can take your time and get a little creative. 
Artificial poinsettia $7.99 | Gnome $9.99 | Berry Spray $7.99 | House Ornament $7.99
This year, with my wrapping, I have made a conscious effort to use more eco-friendly options. Although I do love a nice ribbon, I have tried to make some changes in other areas. For example, Craft paper and plain wrapping paper without glitter or a waxy coating are recyclable, and in lieu of a plastic bow, I AM opting for greenery from my planters and compostable twine.
Gnome $9.99 | Berry Spray $7.99
I also love Furoshiki (the art of Japanese fabric wrapping) which has taken the internet by storm. It’s super easy and requires no tape! I used a tea towel from Anna’s and was very impressed with how well this works!
Furoshiki pic:
I have also purchased a few small ornaments to use as adornments to personalize gifts. I love that these double as an accessory and add to the actual gift itself.
Gift Card Holder/Tin $12.99
 Mini Mug $9.99
Bell $5.99
Gnome $9.99
And when the gifts are wrapped nice and early, there is time to admire them under the tree a while before they are gone. What’s the sense in doing all that work if you can’t sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour!
Berry Spray $7.99
Guys, I’m not going to lie, I was a little stressed at the beginning of this blog entry…thinking that I bit off more than I could chew. Life around here has been so busy lately. Juggling the kids, two jobs and fighting the pull of these dark and early nights had me feeling like there was no way that I was ready to get to all this wrapping. But now that I’m nearly finished, I can honestly tell you that it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. I can relax and enjoy the holidays knowing that I AM on top of things.
Merry Christmas Ornament $7.99
Plus, I can finally walk into my closet again! I have had so much fun getting crafty with my presents, and I hope you will too!
I hope your holiday season is wrapped up in joy and laughter! 
Cheers! That’s a wrap!


    Posted by Joanne Pizzuto on

    I just love how you decorated your tree! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas for wrapping gifts. I hope to get out to Anna’s before I start wrapping this week.
    Merry Christmas and thank you for the amazing job you’re doing on the blog posts. I look forward to reading them in the New Year!!

  • Posted by Donna Petoran on

    Merry Christmas to all at Anna’s.
    I loved these great wrapping ideas.

    This last email sends us off on a very happy note.
    Cheers to all and a Healthy Happy New Year.

  • Posted by Michelle on

    Your tree is decorated beautifully and the gift wrapping is remarkable. Thank you for sharing your inspiring ideas.
    Are your tree ornaments available in store to purchase.
    Cheers to you and yours this Holiday Seaon.

  • Posted by LORRI on

    I agree..I love wrapping gifts and matching the wrapping paper.. call me silly but I do love looking at the gifts under the tree. Your pictures are did a lovely job on the post. Have a Merry Xmas and Healthy Happy New Year!!!

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