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The Joy of Spring Gardening

The Joy of Spring Gardening

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It seems the wonderful spring weather is finally here! And that means we get to spend some much-anticipated time in our gardens. After a long & cold winter, there’s nothing quite like the sight of the first blooming flowers, is there?! As the vibrant petals of daffodils, tulips, and ranunculus make their first appearances, a shift takes place, and we are suddenly reenergized by the lively colours and smells of spring.

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Spring is a season for growth. And a lot of growing is definitely happening at our new home. We moved over the winter, and the previous homeowner was quite an avid gardener. So, as the season progresses, every bloom is a surprise. A gift unfolding before our eyes. And we have been having so much fun exploring the gardens to see what will pop up next.

A huge assortment of perennials have been smattered throughout the property. Shady trees provide a home for hostas and ferns below, along the side of the house is a garden bed filled with an army of Lily of the Valley, which is going to be so pretty when it’s in full bloom, and in the back of the yard is a mature asparagus patch! Not to mention the six (that’s correct SIX) other flower beds! An incredible amount of tulips, daffodils, irises, peony bushes, and lilies have taken home amongst them. 

It is very evident that years of love and care went into the gardens. We have an assortment of early, mid, and late booming perennials, so the yard will always have plenty of colour! I am absolutely loving every moment I get to spend outside.

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Preparing the yard has been a hugely satisfying undertaking. Because we took possession of the house in late autumn, much of the fall cleanup was overlooked. So we have been BUSY! And there is still so much to do. To ready the gardens for spring we have raked countless tarps of leaves from the flower beds and pruned much of the old growth to make room for new life. As I’ve said before, I am fairly new to this gardening lifestyle, so much of the preparation has been guesswork, common sense and google of course! We are so excited to enjoy the seasons of our lives surrounded by all this beauty. We have found such contentment in nurturing the outdoor space. It’s hard to imagine what we’d do with our time if not tending to the chores outside actually. Needless to say, every sunny day has been spent in the yard working away at the gardens and cleaning up broken branches and fallen leaves from the winter passed.

Whether you are an experienced gardener, or new to the scene, there is always more to be learned. Here is what I have done to clean up and prepare my beds for spring:
  • Remove dead leaves and debris.
  • Cut back dead/overgrown plants with pruning shears. This will help to encourage new growth.
  • Turn soil using a shovel and break apart any clumps to improve soil quality.
  • Remove weeds. (This is much easier to do when the soil is moist and plants are still small)
  • Add compost or organic matter into soil. We have a compost bin that we use. Alternatively, you could purchase soil with organic matter in it.
  • Add fresh mulch.
This little garden by the shed was fine before, but removing the rocks, turning the soil, and adding some fresh mulch transforms it completely. And I couldn’t resist adding this gorgeous peach coloured lupin.
We are so lucky that our home has existing gardens. But, I still can’t resist the urge to buy new perennials. It’s especially impossible to hold back when I’m surrounded daily by the stunning blooms at Anna’s.
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Naturally, despite the need, I filled my trunk and plan to busy myself further with planting some perennial clematis to climb the raised deck, as well as an assortment of pollinator flowers. My kids love bees. In fact, my daughter got stung saving a bee from the pool the other day and didn’t even bother to tell me about it until bedtime! The action was worthy of the consequence I suppose. I want to foster their love for nature by planting lots of coneflowers, lavender, zinnia, and gaillardia.
Whether you have existing perennials and hope to grow your garden, or are just starting out, Anna’s has everything you could need and more. With a little TLC and some careful planning, you can create a stunning garden that will bring joy and fulfillment to your life for years to come.


    Posted by LORRI on

    Looks like the previous Home Owner gifted you with lots of lovely are one Lucky Lady.!!! As a avid Gardener myself ..Welcome to the club.It is my passion to make my home as beautiful as possible with flowers blooming , bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering. In your jobs to get ready for spring… you are doing all the things to have a great looking garden. Did you know that there is a movement in the Gardening Community called No Till Gardening. This means that you don’t have dig up your garden, just keep.on enhancing it with compost, good soil and Mulch if you want. Keeps the soil microbes in place , you keep the good soil in the top 3 inches of your garden and bonus no backaches from slugging the earth. Check into it this..than you have more time doing other chores

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