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Champagne Bubbles Iceland Poppy

Champagne Bubbles Iceland Poppy

When we daydream about the goodness of Spring, we think of sunshine-filled days and brand new blooms emerging from the ground to dance in that balmy breeze. 

And every year here at Anna’s, it’s the arrival of Champagne Bubbles Icelandic Poppies, that denotes the beginning of perennial garden planning! 


With their light and airy flower stems and tissue-paper-like blooms, they stand tall amongst the garden, demanding your attention with their striking beauty- a true favourite around here!

Although Iceland Poppies are short-lived perennials, they are self-seeding and should delight your garden year after year. They are a perfect flower for beds, borders, and cutting gardens. Also lovely for container gardens placed around a patio or used as a table centrepiece. 

Add a delightful short-season perennial that will offer dappled bright colours and mixed height to your garden story! 

Champagne Bubbles Iceland Poppy Plant Details & Care Instructions: 

Flower Colours: Yellow, White, Orange, Red

Growth: 12-18″ (30-46cm) high

Plant Spacing: 9-12″ (23-30cm)

Lowest Temperature: -30° to -20°F (-34° to -29°C)

Cut Flower Tips: Harvest when buds are barely starting to break open. Once the flowers open fully, they’re prone to damage by weather and rough handling. For the longest vase life, immediately after harvest sear stem ends using an open flame or dip in boiling water for 7-10 seconds. Place treated stems immediately into fresh water and a 1-week vase life can be expected. 

Care Instructions for your Iceland Poppy: 

Light: Full sun 

Water: Allow soil to dry between thorough waterings.

Soil: Fertilize, well-drained soil.

Fertilizer: slow-release feed in the Spring.

Maintenance: Remove faded blooms for best display and to encourage new growth. If you are hoping for re-growth, be sure to let some blooms go to seed for next year’s growth. 

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