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Jarritos Soda

Jarritos Soda

There really is nothing quite like an ice-cold soda quenching our thirst on a hot summer day! Paying a visit to Anna's during the spring and summer months can have you feeling pretty parched - that's why this week we wanted to introduce you to the delicious and colourful Jarritos soda.

Available online or in our food & drink section as you make your way to cash, be warned, this soda may become your new favourite! This best-selling Mexican fruit-flavoured soda is most certainly a staff pick around here and the perfect pairing for your next fiesta night!

Why is Jarritos so good? 

Being slightly less carbonated than other sodas on the market and receiving its flavour from fresh fruit juices and cane sugar, Jarritos is beloved for its refreshing qualities and mouthwatering flavours, of which there are 13 to choose from. Named the “Official Drink of Tacos.” you'll want to pick up some Jarritos bottles for your next fiesta night at home! 

Jarritos History

In 1950, Don Francisco Hill founded Jarritos. He was an accomplished chemist and tinkerer who always left his beakers and journals all over the house, especially in the dining room. 

In the beginning, Jarritos' kicked it old school, with their original bottles unlabelled. Purchasers knew what flavour they were getting simply by the colour. 

In 1988, Jarritos began exporting to the United States, where it quickly positioned itself as the top-selling Mexican product in the Hispanic market. Jarritos wanderlust has since taken it to many countries across the globe. 

The Jarritos Brand 

The name "Jarritos" might mean "goat shoes" in German, but it also means "little jugs" in Spanish. And traditional fruit-flavoured aguas frescas were served in clay jugs to keep them cooler for longer. 

The Jarritos logo has the colours of their most popular flavours, Mandarin and Lime, which are very similar to the colours of the original clay pots, which were naturally brown on the bottom and glazed green on the top. 

Did you take a Jarritos soda home with you this week? Tag us on social media, we'd love to see which flavour you chose! 

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