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The Benefits of a Backyard Garden

The Benefits of a Backyard Garden

Now that spring has started to bloom it’s time to get started with your little seeds indoors.🌱 

There are many good reasons to start a backyard garden, it’s fresh, frugal, organic and can be a nice distraction from current events.  It makes sense to grow your own food at home. It can also reduce the number of trips you take to the grocery store which can reduce your “while I AM here” purchases. You can now walk out to your grocery store in the back yard. Spending a day in the sunshine will put your mind at ease while you build a sustainable food source at home.

There are many easy ways to start your seeds and most of the things you need is probably laying around your own home. Pretty much anything that can hold some soil mix and seeds. Plastic clamshell containers, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, single-serve yogurt containers, etc., The great part about gardening is it can be very inexpensive and the results are always worth it.

Starting seeds indoors is an excellent way to get ahead of the growing season, it gives you the opportunity to do some gardening while it is still cold out and you are stuck in the house. You may ask “…when is the best time to start seeding my garden vegetables?…” The best way is to determine your gardening Hardiness Zone! 

Here is Essex County we are zone 7A, this determines your last frost and first frost days – approximate last frost day here is April 20th and first frost day is Oct 21st. These are not hard and fast rules but averages. So this will let you know when you can seed plants or set them out in your garden. Spinach can usually be seeded directly outside about 4 weeks before the last frost day so late March. A tomato plant should not be set out in the garden until a week or two after the last frost day so beginning of May or even later depending on the weather! 

Great seeds to start indoors now are peppers, tomatoes, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, basil, etc., seeds that can be started outside right now are lettuces, spinach, some kales, radishes, carrots, onion sets, etc.,

If you do not have a backyard where you can build a garden, many plants can be grown in containers and do very well. Tomatoes and peppers (in 5 gallon pots), lettuces, radishes, beets, herbs (basil, chives, oregano, thyme, etc.,) and more can all be grown in containers. If growing in containers, ensure an even supply of moisture is maintained so your plants do not totally dry out!

The beauty of gardening is that it can be as simple or as elaborate as your time and ambition allows. 

If you do not want the extra work of starting your own plants from seed you’re in luck, we’ve already done the work for you! At Anna’s we have loads of seedlings for your garden already started for you, so let’s get growin’! 

Right now we have growing:

  • 4” Radicchio $1.99
  • 4” Black Magic Kale $1.99
  • 4” Cilantro $1.99
  • 4” Swiss Chard $1.99
  • 4” Curled Kale $1.99
  • 4” Fresh Basil $1.99
  • 4” Spinach $1.99
  • Romaine $1.00 a pack (4 cell packs)

The only thing a garden really requires to keep it alive is time and love….. and that’s the one thing we have right now. So, roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty start your little seedies!I know what you’re thinking…wait what?? ….doesn’t a garden need water and sunshine??? fine you win ….yes it does LOL!!

The great thing about gardening is it’s a great hobby at any age.  It’s definitely a great way to keep those tiny kids’ hands busy while being at home.

Call up Anna‘s roadside curb pick up and order your seeds and plants today and get planting.🌱

Beautiful things are blooming right around the corner.🌿 Jenn🐓

Pots, Seeds, Herbs and Vegetable plants are all available for curbside pickup at Anna’s!

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