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Spring Indoor Plant Care

Spring Indoor Plant Care

The days getting a little longer and a little warmer.  It’s time for your indoor plants to wake up, but before they do there are a few things you can do this season to give them their best start. They are beginning to produce new growth and could use a little spring care. 
For most plants summer is their best growing season, so the springtime is a good time to repot your house plants before those roots really begin to grow.

Before you repot your plants you should look for a few signs that it might be the right time to repot your leafy babies.

  • Roots showing out the top 
  • Roots coming out the drain holes at the bottom
  • The soil dries very quickly after you have watered the plant
  • The plant has not grown at all for a long time 
  • Mineral buildup on the soil 
  • If the surface of your planter soil is a lot higher than the height of the pot.

When repotting it’s a good idea to cut open a garbage bag and put it down to help with cleanup. I honestly never do this. I usually repot plants right over a rug and AM always full of remorse over the mess I’ve made. So save yourself some aggravation and do a little bit of prep work before you get started.

  1. Move your plant from its pot. Sometimes you may even have to cut it out if the roots have gotten too long and it is too big for the pot.
  2. Loosen your root ball gently with your hand, so all those roots can spread out in their new pot and soil.
  3. Fill your pot with a nice new layer of dirt.
  4. Put your plant in the new pot. You want to make sure your plant is at least half an inch below the rim of the pot.
  5. Put the soil all around your plant in the new pot and cover any exposed roots and tamp down gently.
  6. It may also be time to give your plant a little fertilizer – some extra nutrition in the soil will help the roots in the growing season.
  7. Don’t forget your plants need a haircut too!  The spring is a good time to clean off any dead or dying leaves to help with the health of the plant.
  8. Make sure you wash any dust that may be building up on leaves. This will help your plants absorb oxygen and sunlight easier.
  9. Now this is the most important……Don’t forget to give your plant a name! Naming your plants is fun and silly and it will bring a little chuckle to your day when you tell Susan, Phyllis, and Kevin it’s time to be watered.😂

After struggling with plants for many years I have realized that more than anything, plants crave a routine! It’s a good idea to designate a day for plant care. I chose Sunday because it is the easiest day for me to go around the house and wash all the leaves and make sure everybody is happy and watered.  Taking a little time each week to care for your leafy friends will help them take care of you and will ensure that you enjoy their benefits for years to come!  

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