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Spring Blooming Bulbs

Spring Blooming Bulbs

Although many of us associate Fall with the end of gardening season, when it comes to Spring blooms now is the time to plant your bulbs! Knowing that these bulbs weather the coldest of conditions, only to rise as the first Spring flowers to greet us - truly embodies the gratitude and hope that can be found in our garden beds. 

Concerned you don't have a green thumb? Few plants are as easy to grow as spring-blooming bulbs. It's as easy as this...

  1. Choose a spot that will get plenty of sunshine in the springtime.
  2. Plant bulbs once the weather has cooled off and before the first hard frost.
  3. Dig a hole (spacing and depth recommendations will be stated on the packaging).
  4. Place bulbs in the ground and cover them with soil and some organic matter. 
  5. Continue to water until the ground freezes. 

Spring bulbs start growing almost immediately, sending roots out in the fall and slowly growing throughout the winter. 

Planning Tip: It's always nice to stagger bloom times, so you can have different flowers to look forward to once the warmer weather sets in. Be sure to check out the back of our bulb packages to see when the flowering time is, as it can vary between March - June based on the variety.

Bulbs can be planted in garden beds, containers, or natural woodland areas. Here at Anna's we have an assortment of flower bulbs to choose from including: 

  • Allium 
  • Crocus
  • Daffodils (many varieties)
  • Hyacinth
  • Tulips (many varieties)

Which flower bulbs are you planning to have pop up in your garden next Spring?

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